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Yugioh Master Duel – Best Handtraps

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Master Duel has taken many Yugioh fans onto their digital devices. Being available on pretty much every platform means all Yugioh fans can play their favourite card game wherever and whenever they want. Though there is a meta to the game, most of the top tier decks don’t work nearly as well without their handtraps. Most handtraps are universal, meaning you can put them in any deck. They’re meant to interrupt your opponent’s combo, and – in some cases – completely ruin any fun for your opponent. Although you might not see handtraps used as often in casual play, they’re a necessity in most ranked and competitive play.

But which are the best? If you’re unfamiliar with handtraps or the meta, you might want a refresher on what handtraps you’ll want to add to your deck if you plan on playing ranked. For this list, we’ll be going through the top 5 universal handtraps only, so don’t expect to see any archetype-specific ones.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Springs

If you’ve been playing ranked, you’ll have encountered Ash Blossom before. Perhaps one of the most annoying and frustrating cards to be used on you, just as you’re comboing and getting the perfect play going, your opponent goes ahead and ruins your day with this one card.

Sadly, Ash Blossom is kind of vital to any meta deck. You need to be able to interrupt any of your opponent’s combos, especially on turn one. Some decks are able to create a floodgate on turn one, and the only way for you to have a chance in stopping that is by using Ash Blossom.

Maxx C

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Maxx C (LC5D-EN227) - Legendary Collection 5D's Mega Pack - 1st  Edition - Ultra Rare by Yu-Gi-Oh! : Toys & Games

This is a card that doesn’t exactly ruin the fun for your opponent but it does punish them for any crazy summons. If they’re summoning monsters as part of a combo, with Maxx C, you get to draw each time they do. If you’ve pulled Maxx C on your first turn, and you’re going second? If you’re facing a meta deck, one that never seems to stop summoning, then you’re in luck. By the time they’re done, you should hopefully have all you need to pull off the play you want.

Nibiru, The Primal Being

Nibiru, the Primal Being - Yugioh | TrollAndToad

Nibiru was released at a time when Link Summons dominated the game. It was intended to help stop ridiculous combo decks which were able to summon countless monsters, punishing your opponent for summoning more than five monsters in one turn, Nibiru would crush their carefully curated field. It was a non-destruction effect, simply tributing them and replacing all of their monsters with one measly token. Nibiru still remains a powerful handtrap, able to combat any combo decks.

Effect Veiler

Effect Veiler - DUSA-EN083 - Ultra Rare - 1st Edition - Yu-Gi-Oh! Singles »  Duelist Saga - Collector's Cache

This handtrap has seen use since its initial release, one of the first meta handtraps. Effect Veiler was simple in its effect, negate a monster’s effects until the end of their turn. It wasn’t overpowered, it simply stopped any potential combos from happening. A simple card but ol’ reliable.

Infinite Impermanance

Infinite Impermanence by Masaki2709 on DeviantArt

You might not expect a literal trap card to be a handtrap, but this is a special case. Ideal for turn one. This trap is essentially Effect Veiler, negating a monster’s effects. Furthermore, it also negates all the effects in the same collumn it was activated in, that includes your own, so be wary!

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