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Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Deck tier list


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So Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel is out, its strange banlist and not up-to-date card pool has left people wondering what the current best decks in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel are. Well no worries, here is the breakdown of what could be the current metagame. This is slightly speculative as there aren’t any official tournaments going on right now to judge the metagame from. Instead, this will be based on the OCG and TCG formats from early 2021. 

Let’s Start with Rogue decks

These are decks that are not nearly as powerful as the decks above them. They can have good matchups against those tier 1 decks and sneak wins. Currently, for Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel, this is any deck that can run 12 hand traps. Any deck able to have Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring and Effect veiler have a good chance of beating most other decks you will see. 

In terms of archetypes, here are some examples:

Prankids are a fun combo deck where 1 card can explode into a board of multiple field wipes. The current king of the hand traps Maxx “C” means combing off gives your opponents a 30 card hand to beat you next turn.

Dragon maids are another combo deck with easy access to negation and high attacks for turn two kills. Along with a fun gimmick about house servants turning into dragons. But again this deck had a lot of special summons that Maxx C stops. It is also quite interruptible.

Dragonmaid Strahl by AlanMac95 on DeviantArt

Fluffals is another combo deck that just cannot keep up with the control and stun decks than run this metagame. It does however have some mean board when left unchecked for such a cute set of cards.

Tier 2

Decks that with the right pilot can easily win a tournament but without side decking in YuGiOh Master Duel it is hard to deal with the decks at tier 1.

Thunder Dragon

A combo control deck that ends with a brutal boss monster, Thunder Dragon Colossus. While Colossus is on the field your opponent cannot add any card from their deck to their hand. No searching at all really limits most decks. Not to mention that if this card would be destroyed just banish a Thunder monster. A terrifying card that is banned in the TCG for good reason.

Sky striker 

A deck with an engine so small you can run every hand trap needed to match the tier 1 decks. Engage is also at two, giving the deck some great consistency. 

This deck is also very cheap to craft with only 2 UR’s and 3 SR’s most of which are limited. 

The rest are rares so the deck has a wider availability than even some of the rogue decks on this list. 

Even without these though Sky Striker is built for control, each spell allows it to deal with your opponent monsters in a variety of ways. 


Control is the name of the game again, a trap-based deck with a single monster. 

Eldlich has one of the most powerful recursive resources in the game, meaning you never really run out of what you need. 

Just when the opponent thinks they have broken through your defense, you add 3 cards to your hand during the end of their turn. 

A formidable deck that really benefits from this slower control-based format.


Specifically, Shadoll Invoked Dogmatika or Shid for short. A mix of 3 engines each of which gives you different control tools. Shaddoll’s Winda allows for you to limit summons to one per turn, Invoked Mechaba is a negate of any card type. Dogmatika Punishment allows for Shaddoll Schism to be easily searched from your deck for a turn 2 Winda or Construct.

A truly powerful Control strategy that will make your opponents cry out when you normal summon Alister the Invoker. 

Tier 1 

The best currently under this banlist, are powerful control decks or resilient decks that can manoeuvre through interaction with ease 


Lyrilusc Tri-Brigade or “Bird Up” is a powerful deck, with incredible resource management and a combo that can end on a set of infinite negates or a Barrier statue that means you can only summon wind types. Zoodiac Tri-brigade lets your shred through the opponent’s board like it’s nothing without even summoning a large number of monsters. It’s hard to say which is better right now since there is little footage of either playing. But Zoodiac Tri brigade has access to AA Zeus, a quick effect board wipe that isn’t once per chain. Either was these bothers will be fighting for the top spot


A ritual deck that barely ritual summons, Drytron is the current deck to beat in the TCG Metagame. With access to hand traps most other decks aren’t in the form of Herald of the Orange light, this deck simply says NO. It does have some heavy combo lines that are stopped by Maxx C, but who cares when you can negate that with Orange light or Ash Blossom.

Virtual World

Finally the reason for this format being so slow in the TCG and OCG. Virtual can summon the True King of all Calamities on turn 1. This card stops any monster effects from being activated and monsters from attacking. It’s the ultimate stun tool. Turn 1 make True King. Turn 2 your opponent does nothing thanks to True King. Turn 3 combo them into next week. As a result of this, a lot of decks became slower control decks since summoning 12 monsters a turn wasn’t a good strategy.

Tier 0

Thankfully so far this isn’t a tier 0 format, there are a variety of decks to play. The list here is heavily based on the format that this current banlist is based on in Early 2021. None of this is fully concrete, any deck could be amazing and only tournament play can truly decide what is good and what is bad. We also cannot know how some of these cards will interact and affect deck building as it always does. For now, this seems like a safe list as to what are currently the best decks in Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel.

As the game progresses new ban list analysis will be here. what decks do you plan on making it though the duel pass with?

Special thankyou the AlanMac95 for being the only person to have clear art of these cards available 


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