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Woodworking news – June 6, 2022

MICROJIG introduces FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge

MICROJIG is all about making woodworking easier and more intuitive for craftspeople everywhere. The newest product from the company, announced today, will simplify a task woodworkers regularly face in the shop.

The FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge will allow users to find the exact center of stock with no measuring and no math. It draws on basic geometry and simple mechanics to automatically indicate the center point of pieces up to three inches thick.

Makers can use the FITFINDER around the shop when setting fences, transferring cutting depths, and creating joints.

“Many woodworkers struggle and get frustrated with setting the 1/2 waypoint in the material, a very common measurement,” said Bruce Wang, CEO of MICROJIG. “To take out the guesswork and execute this process in seconds is really a breakthrough for the community and makes the process much more fun, enjoyable and accurate.”

The FITFINDER uses a pair of legs that move together. When woodworkers set the P2 leg on top of the material, the P3 leg automatically moves to indicate the exact center of the stock. This measurement can be locked and used to set up machines or mark parts as needed.

The FITFINDER 1/2 Gauge can also help center router bits, center stock on the lathe and more. It works for square, rectangular, or round stock.

The FITFINDER represents a new product line for MICROJIG, the ninth for the company.

The product is available now at select retailers globally. It retails for $29.95. To find a retailer or to order, visit

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