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Windward Adds Real Time Technology Capabilities Across Total Business Model



Windward recently announced it has begun an initiative to elevate  its MRP/ERP business software platform for 2022.  This major investment is designed to elevate Windward’s level of communication and tracking across all areas of sales and manufacturing processes as well as enhance collaborative information sharing.  


“Our goal is to have all areas of our business including accounting, operations, purchasing, inventory, customer service, sales and marketing on one software platform,” said Charles Emmons, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Windward. “Once totally implemented, Windward will have the capability for full, real-time visibility extending into every aspect of our business.”


The upgrade will allow the company, internally, to access live – real-time – inventory tracking of not only finished goods, but raw materials and components (WIP) throughout the Sarasota, FL manufacturing facility.  Externally, this software will arm the dealers, reps, customers, and customer service teams with real time information readily accessible for total order tracking.  The same software will also provide a dealer portal for accessing information as well as digital assets and 3D coloring for use in sales and marketing.


“I am extremely excited to be implementing NetSuite into Windward as I know this will grant us the ability to communicate with efficiency and ease by giving us real time information accessible at our fingertips,” said Rachel Peace, CIO, Windward. “Being able to provide top notch customer service is a major focus for us as we continue to make investments into the business.  I am more than confident this will be a substantial initiative to elevating our level of service and communication.”


Through the introduction of NetSuite, slated for full implementation by the end of July, Windward will incorporate what is currently five separate platforms into one concise and information rich system.   


For more information about Windward and its line of quality products, visit or call 941-359-0890.



About Windward

Since 1990, Windward has manufactured Quality Hand Made Outdoor furnishings for the residential and commercial markets in the USA. The family focused operation employs over 100 valued employees all with a concentration on pride in manufacturing quality and stylish products at competitive prices. For more information, visit



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