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Why You Really Need A COFFEE TABLE

After the sofa and other seating
arrangements, the most important piece of furniture in the living room might be
the Coffee table. It is the added space for you to put coffee mugs, magazines,
remote, and even recline and place feet on it when you are tired after a day of
hard work. Movie nights, game nights, or just casual friends get together, you
need a surface to serve food and drinks on because you don’t want your sofa or
chair to get dirty. Thus, coffee tables are very handy. If by any chance you
are thinking of exchanging it for the ottoman or getting rid of it to make a
spacious room and change the ambiance you need to rethink.

Most people think getting rid of the center of the table might make the room more spacious or an ottoman is a better replacement
as it has trunk space but we have a surprise for you. You can also Buy Coffee Tables that have storage space like drawers and even trunks so if storage was
one of your issues then it’s not one anymore.

Most people’s issue with coffee tables is
that they might not know what to buy according to the house or style and it can
get overwhelming so here we are going to explain a few things you should
consider when purchasing one for yourself.

Size of living room:

When buying coffee tables you should
consider making a floorplan. A floorplan is necessary for every piece of
furniture. Your table should be placed 14-18 inches away from your furniture on
all sides/. At max, it can be 24 inches but not more than that. So considering
that you can make sure the perfect size of the Coffee Tables you need for your
living room. In a room that is very long, you can use two tables instead of
buying a very long one. People also go for three tables too.

Consider the Shape:

The shape of the table you get is very
important. Mostly with shapes you should create a balance between the other
furniture and the table. If your living area is closed off, square and
rectangular tables will be perfect but if your living area is a Passover and
you often need to cross it then a round or spherical coffee table will be best.
You should also consider the shape of other furniture like arms of sofas and
chairs and if they round and curvy, square tables are better and if the arms
are boxy round ones will look beautiful with them.

The Material Of The Furniture:

There are multiple types of materials used
in making tables and other furniture but the table you will get for your home
should be the one that harmonizes with the rest of the living room. At Marco
Furniture, a modern furniture shop you will find various materials and textures
of tables, and they are one of the best Coffee Tables in Canberra.

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