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Why is my Xbox controller blinking? Don’t panic, just resync


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Whether you are gaming on the Xbox One or the new Xbox Series X/S, you may have noticed your controller’s light blink from time to time. Why is my Xbox controller blinking you ask? It is usually just a sign that the controller and console haven’t synced up or it is searching for the device to pair.

The most common cause for a blinking Xbox controller is that is maybe too far away from the console to pair. On very rare occasions, a constant blinking when in range of the console could be an indication that the battery needs charging but generally speaking it will most likely be a sync issue.

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How to fix the Xbox controller blinking issue

First things first, let’s try moving closer to the console and syncing the two devices up again. 

Xbox controller range should be big enough for you to play from any corner of the room, unless you’re a prince. Regardless, press down the pairing button on your console and then release it. Now, immediately after, press and hold the pairing button on your Xbox controller (within 20seconds of the console pair button press). The two devices should establish a connection and be all synced up. 

If the controller and console are paired but it doesn’t seem to be working, double-check there are no interfering devices/ other consoles getting in the way. Now, restart your console and see if a good, old-fashioned switch on and off does the trick.

Another issue tris that your batteries/ battery pack could be low/ dying. Replace the batteries and try again.

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Still having issues? Alternatively, connect your controller via USB cable and it will automatically pair to the device or charge depending on the battery type. 

Persisting issues with your Xbox controller

The absolute worst-case scenario is a software bug of a faulty controller. To avoid future issues, always ensure your Xbox is up to date with the latest patches. You can also try a hard reset, where you unplug the device from the wall for 60 seconds and attempt the above again.

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