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Why did Epic Games disable building in Fortnite?

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One of the biggest changes that has been introduced to Fortnite with the start of Chapter 3, Season 2 is that there is no more building.

As one of the most prominent features of Fortnite gameplay – second to, well, shooting – Epic Games disabling building has come as a shock to some fans. It has been rumored for some time, but was believed to be in the form of a No Build LTM. No one expected the gameplay feature to be completely removed from the main Fortnite Battle Royale mode.

Why did Epic Games disable building in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Resistance

Despite it being an unexpected decision, Epic Games made the choice to completely overhaul Fortnite gameplay for the start of Chapter 2, Season 3 by removing building altogether. The thing that makes Fortnite FORTnite has gone.

While controversial, it’s not a completely unpopular opinion, as removing building goes some way to leveling the playing field once again. Unless you’re a pro-builder, you’ll have been there, like us. You’re engaging in close combat, and – all of a sudden – your opponent starts speed building in front of you, simultaneously blocking your path and protecting themselves from harm. They recover their health and shield and the dance starts again. Well, no more. Music to some ears (this writer included).

But, you may be thinking, what about reaching higher places? How do you easily get to the second floor or the roof of that building now that building has been removed? Well, that’s where the new technique Mantling comes in, you can now climb your way up to higher ground. But there’ll be more of that in our full Season 2: Resurgence article.

Will Fortnite bring back building?

Well, yes. And the reason we can say that with confidence is a pretty cool one. The removal of building hasn’t just come out of nowhere. Rather, it’s been neatly worked into the ever-evolving Fortnite lore, with (SPOILER ALERT!) Doctor Slone seen to be removing the mechanic in the season’s story trailer – which you can watch below. As such, the Resistance – i.e. you – need to find out how to get it back. Thus, we can assume that the return of the building feature will be worked into the story just as it has been worked out of it.

Again, you can find out about the new mechanics replacing building in our complete guide to Chapter 3, Season 2 (coming later today). For now, check out how you can help the humanitarian effort in Ukraine with your love of Fortnite.

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