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What is Minecraft Preview, the Bedrock Beta replacement


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Mojang are releasing a new Minecraft game… sort of. Minecraft Preview will replace the Bedrock Beta program, making testing new updates more accessible for Bedrock players on all platforms.

Currently, Minecraft fans can test out new updates before they are officially released either via snapshots and pre-releases on Java Edition, or the Bedrock Beta. The Bedrock Beta is only available on Xbox, Windows and mobile devices, with PlayStation and Switch gamers unable to participate. However, the Beta version was a bit convoluted, with testers having to replace Minecraft with the Beta version by uninstalling and reinstalling, and then doing the same again to get back to the current game installation.

What is Minecraft Preview?

That’s all set to change later in 2022 with the release of the all-new Minecraft Preview. The new testing program will allow Minecraft Bedrock players to get to grips with the latest Minecraft features before they are finished and officially released to the current game version. All while running simultaneously with the main game. This is the main benefit – players will be able to have both Bedrock edition and Preview installed at the same time.

The exciting part about this is that we are going to start seeing 1.19 Wild Update features being rolled out for testing very soon. In fact, Java users may well start seeing Wild Update features in the next few weeks, so the sooner Minecraft Preview is rolled out, the better… and we can all start playing with those adorable new frogs.

What is Minecraft Preview release date

Minecraft Preview release date

At the moment, there is no official release date for Minecraft Preview. The Beta version of Preview (that makes my brain hurt) for iOS has already started rolling out to limited testers, but is currently full.

Xbox and Windows miners will automatically be given Minecraft Preview for free when it’s available, and, according to the official FAQ, will show up as an install in your Games & Apps library as soon as it is released.

As yet, there is no mention of when Minecraft Preview will come to Android devices, or whether it will be available for PlayStation or Switch users. Of course Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, but Bedrock edition is available on both PS and Switch consoles, so we’re hoping Preview will be too – eventually. We’ll keep an eye on Mojang’s socials, though, and let you know as soon as anything is announced.

Will Minecraft Preview be available on Xbox Game Pass?

Mojang have announced that Minecraft Preview will join Minecraft Bedrock edition on the Xbox Game Pass library, so Game Pass subscribers will also be able to get involved testing new Minecraft features out. The developer has confirmed that Preview will be added to Game Pass later in 2022.


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