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Welcome two new Fortnite skins to the Melloverse


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When does the metaverse bandwagon roll to a stop? Not yet, it seems, as DJ and Producer Marshmello’s influence in Fortnite grows into a Melloverse. Two new skins – Marsha and Marshinobi – will join the in-game shop in February 2022.

Welcome to the Melloverse

At the moment, Welcome to the Melloverse is simply the name of the new Marshmello-themed skins coming to the Fortnite shop. Sadly, it doesn’t seem that there is another Marshmello in-game event coming up any time soon. Though, with the Outfit set’s name referencing the metaverse, there definitely should be another virtual performance.

Anyway, event or no event, at least we can get our hands on some brand new Fortnite Outfits, items and even an Emote to compliment the original Marshmello Set. Introducing Marshmello’s FRIENDS, Marsha and Marshinobi.

Fortnite Marsha skin

welcome to the Melloverse Fortnite Marsha skin

Any Marshmello fans who prefer to use a female-presenting Fortnite skin will now be Happier, as they can tackle enemies on the Island, hunt Wolves, or take on Creative maps as the new Marsha. Marsha, of course, sticks to the recognisable monochromatic style that is synonymous with Marshmello, but she’s also available in that gilded Toasted variant as well.

Despite the black and white monochromatic stylings of the Outfit itself, Marsha comes with the colorful Mella Back Bling, and you can purchase her accompanying Mello Glo Pickaxe separately.

Fortnite Marshinobi skin

welcome to the Melloverse Fortnite skin Marshinobi

Branching out from the realistic styles of Marshmello and Marsha, Marshinobi is similar in style to the recent Naruto Skins or Fortnite Bounty Hunters Orin and Lexa. A comic book-esque, red, white and black ninja, Marshinobi shows off his stylish swords in the accompanying Shockwave Blades Back Bling and Shockwave Blade Pickaxe. The Back Bling and Pickaxe are particularly great when equipped together, as you seamlessly unsheathe the Pickaxe from its stylish scabbard.

Maximum Bounce Emote

The Melloverse Set also includes a brand-new Emote, featuring Marshmello’s music and with moves from dancer josh3thousand, as no Marshmello set would be complete without a new Emote to show your appreciate of the music.

What date will the Melloverse set Marsha and Marshinobi skins be available?

The new Marshmello skins, Marsha and Marshinobi, will be available in the Fortnite in-game shop from February 1st, 2022 at 4pm PST/7pm EST, or the usual shop refresh time in your region. But Fortnite skins Come & Go quickly, and we don’t yet know when the Marshmello items will leave the shop, so be sure to get your hands on them before they’re Moving On.

Vote for the Marshmello song you want to be a lobby track

Vote for Marshmello song fortnite lobby track

While none of the great Marshmello tracks we’ve so brilliantly and seamlessly threaded into this copy are part of the vote, you can take your pick of two as-yet-unreleased Marshmello tracks to be released as a lobby track in the future. Voting is open now, so head to the voting site to get a sneak peak at the songs and make your pick. Both tracks, BeFoRe U and ReMiNiSce, will be on Marshmello’s upcoming album Joytime 4.

Voting closes on February 3rd, 2022 at 7am PST/10am EST/3pm GMT.

The Marshmello skin comes back to Fortnite

And, if you didn’t manage to pick up the original Marshmello skin or items the last time he was around, of course he’ll be back as well. Far from being Alone this time, he’ll join Marsha and Marshinobi from February 1st, 2022.

These new Melloverse skins come as part of the Fortnite v19.20 update. Check out the full patch notes for more on what’s new in Fortnite this week.


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