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Warhammer 3 leak – what we found out that we aren’t supposed to know


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Anybody who knows me will know I am not a mass fan of gaming leaks in general as I think they fully spoil things for everybody. This Total War Warhammer 3 one looks pretty cool though.

Creative Assembly has taken care not to reveal too much about its upcoming game when it comes down to the identity of the final Legendary lord in the game, but it looks as though matters may well have been taken out of its hands as a post has appeared on the Total War subreddit that seems to have come from a Russian magazine that seems to have gone rogue with information it clearly should not have published yet.

The post has now been taken down, but well the internet, so it’s everywhere it needs to be and the cat is well out of the bag.

Total War: Warhammer 3 leak

warhammer leak 1

So what exactly have we found out. Well, it seems that the final lord is going to be the Daemon Prince and as this post on reddit explains:

“The Demon Prince is a great opportunity to have fun for those players who could not immediately choose an idol among the four Dark Gods. Basically, Godslayer is a template for RPG lovers.

How it works? Creative Assembly offers full customization of the character’s appearance – from the head and weapons to the tail and wings. The Demon Prince can be wielded with a hammer – or devoid of weapons altogether by equipping him with a giant claw. The Godslayer’s arsenal is constantly expanding with the gifts of Chaos, and various parts of the body can be combined into sets, making the faction leader even more powerful.

The player can serve exclusively Chaos Undivided – or choose one of the four Dark Lords: Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle or Slaanesh . To do this, it is necessary to dedicate cities to a specific God of Chaos and bring bloody sacrifices in his honor. In exchange for this, the player will receive specific “spare parts” faster, unlock specific units and buildings.”

That’s cleared that up then!

Is Warhammer 3 leak real?

Readers on Reddit are hyped for this leak with some saying they now cannot wait to get into the game when it is finally released The devs at Creative Assembly are likely to be furious if this turns out to be true, and we believe it to be pretty strong. We can only imagine the email trail this morning is not going well over in Eastern Europe.

Time will tell if it is legit, watch this space as we will update this story as we get more developments today.


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