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Video: This DIY 27,000,000mAh power bank can charge more than 10,000 cameras: Digital Photography Review


YouTuber ‘Handicraft Geng‘ grew tired of people showing off their large power banks, so the Chinese builder outdid everyone with a 27,000,000mAh power bank. You read that number right, 27 million.

With his 27,000,000mAh power bank, Geng can simultaneously run many electronics and appliances, including washing machines, televisions, microwaves and more. Alternatively, he could charge a Canon LP-E6NH battery more than 10,000 times or charge 5,000 phones with 3,000mAh batteries.

The foundation of Geng’s mega power bank is a large battery pack like you can find in electric vehicles. Geng then welded together a custom frame with wheels. After all, portability is important. Next, he attached a wooden base to his welded frame and affixed the large battery pack. Geng then wired the battery with 60 individual ports for power before finishing his protective frame.

There’s something about seeing a giant portable power bank in action that is equal parts hilarious and extremely impressive. Despite Geng’s humorous twist on the project, including a drawn-on ‘27,000,000’ moniker and six status lights on the top of the battery pack, it’s genuinely a useful project.

You could wheel it out into your backyard to power a TV and cooking devices for a party. You could use it to power a space heater and appliances while ice fishing. Or, as Geng shows off in the video above, you can drag the portable battery down the street to provide roadside assistance to a stranded electric bicycle.

If you like Handicraft Geng’s power bank video, you’re sure to enjoy some of his other content, including a homemade security patrol mech, a piano BBQ car and a super turbocharged DIY toilet.


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