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Valentine’s Day 2022: 15 tech treats and gadget gift ideas to show your love


Roses are red, violets are blue…if you need gift ideas, we’ve got a few.

Sure, you shouldn’t need an annual calendar reminder to nudge you into an arbitrary display of affection. But it never hurts to treat your sweetheart.

Whether you’re shopping for an old flame or a new fling, you’ll find a fitting gift in the list below. From massage guns to mood lighting, each gadget has been picked for its romantic potential. And because it’ll still be useful once the throes of February passion have passed.

Time after Prime

You can’t hurry love, but you can get unlimited next-day delivery with an Amazon Prime subscription. Handy if you forgot the date and your loved one doesn’t want to wait. Sign up for an Amazon Prime subscription here

Lifx Lightstrip

Music might set the mood, but it takes the right lighting to really add romance to a room. For instant ambience without reaching for the dimmer switch, stick a Lifx Lightstrip in your lounge. Compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, you can simply instruct your digital helper to hit the lights. Forget 50 shades: strips can glow in multiple tones along their length, with millions of hues to choose from. Pick from preset scenes or have a go at creating your own. It’s also compatible with Razer Chroma, in case your date nights usually include a quick COD session.

Lenco LS-55

Buy the Lenco LS-55 here from Urban Outfitters

Video might have killed the radio star, but it was Spotify that murdered the mixtape. Keen to curate your own soppy soundtrack? You could make a personalised playlist. Or for affectionate audio with a vintage touch, you could cut a custom vinyl through Cutsy. And if you need something to spin it on, Lenco’s belt-driven LS-55 should do the trick. Topped with a natty wooden finish, its built-in stereo amp and speakers mean you don’t need to worry about wiring up a sound system. Plus there’s Bluetooth on-board, in case you need Spotify’s back-up once the B-side is finished.

Chipolo One

This little Bluetooth tracker won’t help you find love. But it will help you locate your smartphone – and that’s your gateway to the next best thing: Tinder. Double-click the chip and it’ll ring your walkabout blower, so you can get straight back to swiping right. Heading out for a first date? Don’t let lost keys make you late. With the dinky disc attached, the Chipolo app can show you the last-known location of your fob. Better yet, it can alert you if you try to leave without your keys – handy if you don’t fancy an alfresco end to the evening.

Lego Bird of Paradise

A fresh bouquet might look lovely on day one, but the inevitable wilt is no way to show your enduring love. For a floral gift that doesn’t droop, try this brick-built Bird of Paradise. Assembling the botanical kit’s 1173 pieces should do plenty to demonstrate your dedication – ideal if your significant other’s love language is quality time. Plus adjustable flowers mean you can arrange the display to truly impress the plant fan in your life.

Roberts Beacon 330

Buy your beau a Bluetooth speaker and they can play your song whenever they fancy. Buy Roberts’ double Beacon bundle and you can both have one – perfect for serenading each other in stereo. Shipped with retro style in spades, the 330 cuts a dash in four pastel shades. It’s also good for 15 hours, which is enough to overplay even the sweetest of mood music.

Han & Leia Print

Buy the Han & Leia Print here from East End Prints

Not all love stories are straightforward. Take Han Solo and Princess Leia: from date night on the Death Star to in-laws who’d turned to the dark side, the iconic couple had plenty to discuss with their intergalactic marriage counsellor. Celebrate their unlikely relationship with this stylised print, which immortalises the sarcastic smuggler’s frosty acknowledgement of Leia’s love. Right before he was frozen in carbonite by her father and handed over to a giant slug – further proof that the course of true love rarely runs smooth.

Theragun Mini

A rub-down is one way to romance your partner, but if your significant other is a serious fitness fan, you’ll need more than scented oils and tender patting to woo their knotted muscles. For easy kneading that really hits the spot, treat them to Theragun’s smallest percussion gun. Delivering up to 2400 thumps per minute, the Mini is faster than your hand chops can ever hope to be. And unlike your paws, it doesn’t tire easily: good for up to 150 minutes on a single charge, it’s ideal for solo treatment on the go. Leaving you with nothing to do but massage your bruised ego.

Yeti Rambler Lowball

Buy the Yeti Rambler Lowball here

Dating an outdoorsy sort? Your pitching skills might be speedy, but it takes more than an erected shelter to impress seasoned explorers. Make them a happy camper with this lowball beaker – ideal for winding down with a nightcap under canvas. It also doubles up as an insulated mug, complete with a magnetic lid. So you can treat your sweetheart to a morning brew, with less risk of a sleeping bag spillage.

Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand

Buy the Belkin BoostCharge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand here

The power of love might keep bad at bay, but it can’t fill your phone battery before date night. For that, you need a different sort of force. Boosting your blower with up to 15W, Belkin’s MagSafe-compatible wireless charging stand can also zap your AirPods simultaneously. So you’ll have a full iPhone to help you find the restaurant – and earphones ready to calm your nerves with a reassuring soundtrack. Frankie said to relax, after all.

Bearmade Ramsgill

Buy the Bearmade Ramsgill here

You can’t keep love in a pouch, but you can stash your daily detritus in one. Fallen for a clutterbug? This hard-wearing holder can be worn on the hip, over the shoulder or even attached to handlebars. Wherever you sling it, internal pockets should keep your sweetheart’s stuff sorted. Lovingly crafted to last a lifetime, you’ll find the identity of each Bearmade bag’s maker handwritten on a little label inside. This is probably the only time you can get away with giving your Valentine something with someone else’s name on.

Triwa Ocean Plastic

Buy the Triwa Ocean Plastic here

Your love might be everlasting, but the planet won’t be if we don’t show it more affection. Luckily, this recycled ticker cares about our world: it’s crafted entirely from ocean plastic. It’s also waterproof to 10 metres, so the clock won’t stop if your darling goes for a dip. Wavey details give the eco timepiece a sea-themed face, while luminous hands and numbers mean your other half can always check whether it’s been forever yet.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

Nothing rose-tints a romantic moment quite like an instant print. Sure, you could get a sharper shot with your smartphone, but only an analogue snap guarantees nostalgia. This Fujifilm flasher spits out sizeable prints with rich colours and deep contrast. Pulling on the lens also unlocks a selfie mode, for posed pics with your beau. Want to add extra sentiment? The white border at the bottom of the Instax Mini paper is big enough to scrawl 14/01/22 in arty Sharpie.

The Sub Compact

Buy The Sub Compact here from Beerwulf

True love means building a bar at the bottom of the garden, installing a full draught system and treating your other half to pulled pints as they require. Ready to be a barman but lacking the requisite shed space? Stick this compact tap on your kitchen counter for a beer experience that’s almost as good as the pub. A surprisingly tidy package, simply drop a compatible keg in the top and the Sub’s integrated cooling tech will ensure your amber beverages come out perfectly chilled. Cheers to that. And, you know, the whole love thing.

Amazon Kindle

Few gifts say “I get you” quite like a well-selected book, but choosing a suitable tome can be trickier than you think. Shopping for someone with an eclectic taste in page-turners? You could take a punt on a paperback. Or for a gift that involves less guesswork, you could wrap up Amazon’s simplest Kindle for the fourteenth of Feb. Sure, you can’t leave a romantic note on the opening leaf, but opt for the version without ads and your beloved bookworm will at least be able to see the cover of their current read on the Kindle’s front-lit lock screen.


Buy a Climeworks gift here

Shopping for something which shows you’re serious? A Climeworks gift fights climate change by removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. How? Using modular machines which filter air to capture harmful emissions for storage or safe re-use. Not just a win if your partner’s an eco-warrior, it also shows that you’re thinking about a cleaner, greener future together. Ready to really commit? Climeworks also offers subscriptions to support its sustainability efforts on a rolling basis.


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