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Unique Photographs of London Teach How Not to Be Cliche

London is a magical city full of history and wonder. Beautiful architecture, tight, intimate streets, and multiculturalism make up what many feel is the best city in the world. Naturally, photographers far and wide come to create photographs of London. This leads to many cliche shots, but it also leads to potentially unique stories that only the most talented photographers can create. This piece will look at some of the best stories to come out of England’s capital.

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Walter Rothwell Photographs of London Are Unique

We interviewed Walter Rothwell back in 2019. On being original in a city full of cliches, he told The Phoblographer, “I try to work around this by applying a basic principle of street photography. It’s about the moment and not the place.” He added, “If a photograph is based on the place, it can be easily replicated, just find the spot where the picture was taken and wait. If photography is based around moments in time then it’s unique.” His words come true in his images as his gritty black and white snaps add raw energy to his photographs of London. Check the interview out here.

Stephen Flounders Did 365 Photographs of London

365 projects are a popular way to ensure photographers remain active. A photo a day for one year is essentially what the work entails. Stephen Flounders did this street photography project. And explaining its impact on his photography skills, he said, “I have learned the importance of composition and how it can improve an image. I have also developed my ability to anticipate what is going to happen next.” He continues, “…most importantly, I have learned to be patient and slow down. London life is fast-paced, trying to keep up with that pace and take photographs at the same time does not work well for me. By slowing down, I am able to pick things out that I may otherwise have missed, and like I just said, feel as though I am one step ahead.”

You can certainly see development in his work. His photographs are nicely assembled and show the diversity of London. Check it out here.

Jan Enkelmann’s Photographs of London Show Calmness

London is all about the hustle and bustle. You seldom get a moment or a thought to yourself. Jan Enkelmann wanted to share moments where people could find a place of calmness and tranquility. His series, Smoking Chefs, documented men having a moment to reflect. Enkelmann wanted to show that people can find pockets of time to themselves, even in packed-out cities, and even if only for a fleeting moment. It’s a cool series and one you can view here.

Holger Pooten Has a Cool Conceptual Series

While street photography is popular in big cities, it’s not the only genre. Holger Pooten came up with a cool conceptual series in East London. Using photography and digital art, Pooten placed his suited subject in everyday environments and then set them on fire (not literally). We like this series; it stands out from the herd of cliche photographs we mentioned. If you want to learn how he made the photographs, you can check it out here.

Where to Shoot in London

London is huge. It’s not a place you can properly visit for only a couple of days. Because of its size, some people may not know where the best spots are located to create photographs of London. I’ve been there for almost a decade and shot in all the top locations. From Oxford Street to Nottinghill, I know all the nooks and crannies of the capital. I put together a guide to help those new to the city choose where to go and create. You can check it out here.

More Photographs of London

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