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Turkey’s Leading Luxury Handblown Glass & Candle Company Will Begin Marketing to U.S. Retailers



Yasemin Teke Arslan, founder and CEO of Leone di Fiume, displays some of the brands high-end artisanal decorative glass and candle accessories that add a striking accent with a luxe allure to home decor, as the company makes its U.S. debut.

For the first time since its founding, Leone di Fiume, a luxury handblown glass and candle company based in Turkey, is setting its sights on a U.S. expansion. The brand is planning to show at future High Point and Las Vegas markets.


Offering premium-quality, decorative glass candles that add a unique accent to home decor, the female-owned company is making its artisanal collection available to retailers so they can diversify their product offering and increase their revenue stream with luxury accent pieces that brighten retail floors and consumers homes.


“Being one of the top global producers of glass, Turkey is renowned for its prestigious glass projects showcased all over the world. At Leone di Fiume, we have creatively capitalized on the art of glass blowing to create a dual-purpose work of art with some of the most exquisite crystal glass and candle creations that will continue to adorn consumers homes long after the candle is gone. We look forward to entering the U.S. market and this exciting next step in our brand journey,” said Yasmine Teke Arslan, CEO of Leone di Fiume.


The company’s Italian name translates to “lion of the river” in English. Its artisans transform sand into crystal-quality glass and then hand pours the wax into the glass. The brand employs a team of skilled female artisans that transform mouth-blown glass into unique home decor with designs that are hand painted, sandblasted and fired in a kiln. To add another level of functionality, perfume-grade essential oils, created by a Switzerland-based fragrance house, are infused in 100-percent soy and vegan wax, which is poured into a diamond-cut glass vessel to create an aromatic experience.


The companionship of glass and candle is invigorated by the brand, with fragrance blends that are inspired by nature and comply with International Fragrance Association (IFRA) regulations for the use of fragrance in candles. When lit, the cylindrical shape of the glass filters light through the textured surface and illuminates the stained glass to become a sophisticated accent piece with a highly fragrant scent even when the candle is not lit.


Long after the ambiance of the candle is gone, the beauty and functionality of the glass remains to adorn consoles, occasional tables, sideboards and the center of dining tables.


“Candle sales have increased exponentially since COVID began because people were spending more time at home and wanted it to smell nice by burning candles,” said Teke. “We feel this is the perfect time to introduce our one-of-a-kind works of art to retailers in the U.S. so their customers can experience the luxurious uniqueness of our products. Consumers will be able to immerse themselves in a sensual, aromatic experience, and when the candles are gone, the uniquely-designed glass jars can be used as a vase, jewelry holder or even a planter for many years to come.”


From the 5.2-ounce Collezione Mini to the 15.2-ounce Collezione Divina and even the larger sizes, such as the 77.6-ounce Casa di Pietra, which is hand painted with 24-karat gold and platinum, Leone di Fiume products create a memorable fragrance throughout the home. All the candle ingredients are renewable and biodegradable and offer a non-toxic, soot-free burn. The scented wicks are made from 100-percent cotton and offer a long-lasting burn time of 40 hours. The smaller pieces are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, while the larger pieces are packaged in elegant, sustainably sourced wooden boxes. 




About Leone di Fiume

Leone di Fiume is a luxury hand-blown glass manufacturer located in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded in 2019, Leone di Fiume transforms sand into glass and hand pours wax candles into the glass to create original designs that are hand painted, sandblasted and fired in a kiln to create color home decor. The candles are infused with essential oils created by a Swiss-based fragrance company and are produced without animal testing using only natural soy and vegan wax. Leone di Fiume is a subsidiary of Teka Color Technologies, a manufacturer of raw materials and coatings for glass and porcelain applications. For more information, visit Leone di Fiume on Facebook at, or on Instragram @leonedifiume


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