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Tokina Cinema 21mm and 29mm T1.5 Vista Prime Lenses are available for Pre-Order


Tokina Cinema 21mm and 29mm T1.5 Vista Prime Lenses are available for Pre-Order

Tokina has officially released two new Vista prime lenses: the Tokina Vista 21mm T1.5 and the Tokina Vista 29mm T.15. These ultra-wide and wide-angle lenses cover Vistavision and Full-Frame image sensors. So let’s take a closer look at these fast cinema primes!

A couple of weeks ago, Tokina announced the development of the Tokina Cinema 21mm and 29mm T1.5 Vista primes. So the least we can say is that it did not take long for the company to release these lenses!

When launched, the Tokina Cinema Vista line consisted of “only” seven lenses. In November 2020 and January 2021, the company added the 40mm T1.5 and 65mm T1.5 to the mix. With the release of the 21mm and 29mm T1.5, we can now say that the Tokina Cinema Vista lineup is complete with eleven lenses – all at T1.5.

Image credit: Tokina

Tokina Cinema 21mm and 29mm T1.5 – specifications

All Tokina Cinema Vista prime lenses have a lot in common, and these two new lenses are no different. So here is a quick glimpse at what you can expect from them:

  • An image circle of 46.7mm that covers FF35, VistaVision, and Red Dragon 8K VV sensors.
  • All lenses have a maximum aperture of T1.5.
  • The front outer diameter is 114mm, and they also feature a 112mm screw-in filter size (except the 18mm T1.5).
  • Weight and size of every lens is very consistant for easy and fast lens swap.
  • The lens mount is interchangeable. You can choose between ARRI PL, ARRI LPL, Canon EF, MFT, and Sony E-mounts.
  • Nearly no focus breathing.
  • The aperture diaphragm has nine blades for a smooth rounded bokeh.

As you can tell, Tokina Cinema Vista lenses have impressive specifications and are amongst the best spherical cinema lenses on the market.

Image credit: Tokina

The 21mm T1.5 and 29mm T1.5 join the existing 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 85mm, 105mm, and 135mm T1.5.

Lens design

The lens design of the Tokina Cinema Vista 21mm T1.5 consists of 19 elements in 18 groups. The minimum focusing distance is only 36cm. The lens is 16.2cm long with a PL mount, and it weighs 2.33kg/5.14lbs.

The Tokina Cinema Vista 29mm T1.5 consists of 18 elements in 18 groups with a minimum focusing distance of 35cm. It is 16.5cm long with a PL mount for a weight of 2.25kg/4.96lbs.


21mm 29mm Vista Specifications.jpg

Price and availability

Both lenses are available now for $7.499/7466 Euro each.

For more information, please visit Tokina’s website here.

Featured image credit: Phil Holland

What do you think about these two new wide-angle lenses? Did you ever shoot with Tokina Cinema Vista prime lenses? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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