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Tilta Camera Rig for RED V-RAPTOR Released – Complete Pack Of Mechanical and Electronic Accessories

The Tilta Camera Rig for the RED V-RAPTOR is here. It includes all mechanical and electronic parts you need to power and mount accessories to the camera. Available in black and a limited-edition white color, it’s up for pre-order on the manufacturer’s website.

It looks like a prolific moment for third-party manufacturers developing parts for RED’s flagship camera. A few days ago, Kondor Blue, GDU, and 8Sinn came up with their own set of accessories for the V-RAPTOR.

While these companies only offer mechanical items, the new Tilta Camera Rig for RED V-RAPTOR also includes I/O and power modules to supply connections and power to the whole camera system. Let’s take a closer look.

Tilta Camera Rig for RED V-RAPTOR: mechanical parts

The aluminum and stainless steel construction of the rig provides a lightweight, but robust design. Most mechanical accessories offer a high degree of flexibility via their numerous 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points.

Top Handle for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

The top handle features a cold shoe mount and two 15mm clamps in the front. This allows for mounting rods both parallel or perpendicular to the camera body. Its wide, solid grip can also be extended using a dedicated right-angled kit.

Extended Top Handle for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

Like most of these mechanical accessories, the top handle screws directly into the V-RAPTOR’s body, but it can also attach to the new front top plate. A second plate almost entirely covers the rear top part of the camera, offering protection and additional mounting points without obstructing the air flow intake.

Rear Top Plate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

The left and right Side Arms can host NATO and ARRI-Rosette-style accessories. Moreover, additional single rod holders can be mounted on either side of the body to provide support for follow focus motors or other components.

Advanced Kit for the RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

A bottom plate, dual 15mm rod baseplate, and a small bottom mounting plate complete this pack of Tilta mechanical accessories for the RED V-RAPTOR.

Dual 15mm baseplate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

Support for PL and LPL lens mount adapters

Along with the camera cage, Tilta also developed two mount adapter supports compatible with the already-existing Tiltaing RF to PL and RF to LPL lens adapters.

These support rings wrap around the lens mount and screw directly to the front of the camera body, providing solid support even when using large and heavy cinema glass.

Tilta LPL Mount Adapter Support for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

Power and I/O expansion modules

The company also developed two electronic accessories for the camera: a battery plate and an advanced I/O module.

The battery plate comes in both Gold and V-Mount options. According to Tilta, it provides stronger support than the original V-RAPTOR’s V-lock mount. Moreover, the height of the plate can be adjusted up or down by 20mm. This allows for mounting larger batteries and having more control over the balance of the rig.

V-Mount Battery Plate for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

The plate features two 14.8V 2-pin LEMO power outputs, one 14.8V D-Tap, and a USB-C port. Although these four power outputs offer a good amount of flexibility, I think an additional D-Tap would have made users even happier.

The Tilta Advanced I/O Module expands the camera capabilities by providing a 3-pin Fischer R/S Port connection (compatible with the Nucleus-M) as well as Timecode, Genlock and RED CTRL ports. The unit easily mounts on the camera cage and it can draw or supply power through its 2-pin LEMO port.

Tilta I/O Expansion Module for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

Furthermore, this module can be slid into the battery plate, from which it receives power. This solution seems pretty convenient as it keeps the camera package compact and avoids an extra power cable.

Tilta I/O Expansion Module for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Tilta

Price and availability

This new camera rig for RED V-RAPTOR is now available for pre-order from Tilta’s website. It currently comes in black and a limited-edition “Stormtrooper” white color, which will only be available until February 20th. This date is also the ultimate deadline to benefit from a 10% pre-order discount.

All parts are available to purchase individually, but the company also offers two more comprehensive packages: the Advanced and the Basic Kit. Official retail prices range from $18.00 for the Mount Adapter Support up to $1,199.00 for the Advanced Kit.

What are your thoughts on the new Tilta Camera Rig for the RED V-RAPTOR? Do you think this can be the ultimate solution for powering and attaching accessories to the camera? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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