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Three New Star Wars games in the works at Respawn


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Given the praise heaped on 2019’s Jedi Fallen Order, it seemed a fairly safe bet that Respawn would have been working on another Star Wars game since. What is less expected however is that they have been working on three! As part of their continuing partnership with EA, Respawn are working on a Star Wars FPS and strategy game. These titles will release in addition to the Jedi Fallen Order sequel.

Jedi Fallen Order Sequel

The first new Star Wars game to come from Respawn will be the sequel to Jedi Fallen Order. This is exciting news for fans that loved Respawn’s adventurous take on the Star Wars Universe. Fallen Order shed more light on the period directly following the ruinous Order 66. It focused on exciting lightsaber gameplay, but also lush and varied environments that were a joy to explore. In addition, it boasted an exciting and dynamic cast. Fallen Order also contained an exploration of the grey areas between the light and dark side that called to mind Obsidian’s renowned efforts in Knights of The Old Republic 2. Many fans hope that the sequel will continue to embrace these elements that are often left out of the main franchise. Those concrete details are scarce so far, Cal Kestis’ next adventure is sure to have a big impact on fans.

Respawn Star Wars FPS

Respawn’s FPS pedigree is almost without peer. It will be exciting to see what else they can do in the Star Wars sandbox.  EA’s notably unpopular monetisation practises have cast a heavy shadow over the new era of Star Wars Battlefront. With Dice’s newest Battlefield effort receiving uncommonly poor reviews, the time may be right to temporarily move away from the Battlefront franchise. If anyone can prove that there’s a market out there for multiple Star Wars FPS games at once, it’s respawn. And of course, theirs is always the chance that the game could be a single-player focused experience, along the lines of Star Wars Republic Commando. Given how lauded Respawn’s Titanfall 2 single-player campaign was, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider EA asking them to focus on this area.

Respawn Star Wars Strategy

Unlike the previous two entries, this game won’t be developed by Respawn alone. Instead, it will be made in partnership with Bit Reactor —a new studio recently formed by Ex-firaxis devs. This is very good news for the project, as Firaxis’ most notable titles are the XCOM series. XCOM games are almost universally beloved by strategy fans. XCOM and XCOM 2’s mix of grandiose alien designs and salvaged sci-fi scrap is an aesthetic hybrid that is perfectly suited for Star Wars. With luck Bit Reactor will bring all their experience and design sensibilities to bear on this project.

star wars jedi fallen order 2 in development

Respawn’s Star Wars Future

Respawn’s Founder Vince Zampella is stepping in to directly oversee EA’s continuing Star Wars partnership with Respawn. Zampella said in a press release; “We are huge fans of Star Wars and we are thrilled to work with Lucasfilm Games on new titles that we have wanted to make for years,” “If you want to make great Star Wars games, you should come join us on our journey.”

It looks as if Star Wars is going to be a big part of Respawn’s line-up moving forward. And after years of tepidly received titles from other EA studios, it’s a relief to finally see the Galaxy far, far away in safe hands.


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