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This hilarious video reviews a Lego Leica as if it was a real thing


We’ve seen a few LEGO Leica cameras so far, whether just ideas or actual kits. But have you ever seen a review of one? Well, Wizard of Bricks filmed it. He did it as if he was reviewing a real camera, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

The “vintage camera” Wizard of Bricks reviews in the video was available as a very limited-edition set around Black Friday. You could only get it by redeeming VIP points from Brickset, but it’s probably no surprise that a LEGO geek like Wizard of Bricks got one.

Other than just assembling this 179-piece set, this LEGO enthusiast decided to give it a proper review. You know, as we’ve seen in plenty of camera review videos. He mentions “the unbelievable creamy bokeh” of the lens. And describes the camera as an “outstanding game-changer from… LEGO.” I must admit it all sounds familiar.

There’s also the excitement over design and specs. Of course, the design is “all-plastic” and the specs are made up, but the thrill is still there. My favorite bit must be the one about overheating. Wizard of Bricks notes that this “vintage LEGO camera” doesn’t have overheating issues at all – since it doesn’t even shoot video. And of course, there is even the classic B-roll footage we see in camera review videos, along with uplifting music. The whole package.

Sadly, this LEGO Leica isn’t available anymore. It wasn’t available for purchase anyway; you could have only gotten it through VIP points. But if you really want a LEGO Leica, you can help this IIIf reach the shelves, or perhaps this Ur Leica.

[This camera is a GAME changer: LEGO Vintage 35 mm film camera (Review + MOC) via DPReview]


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