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These are the Most Complained About Cameras – According to a Study of Tech Products

The recent study “The most complained about tech products” was conducted using a complaint detection tool developed by Electronics Hub. It analyzed over 300,000 tweets containing tech products and defined a complaint rate. Although having the lowest complaint rates of all product categories, the camera list is dominated by GoPro Hero8 Black with 8.6%. Overall, the most complained about product is the Philips Hue Bridge with a score over 42%.

We have all been there. When a certain tech product does not function properly, it makes us unhappy and frustrated. On top of trying to resolve the issue on our own, with the help of the manufacturer or an independent service center, we often blow off steam by writing about our bad experiences online. We do this for many reasons. One reason is, if there is an easy solution to our problem that we are unaware of, one of our friends or followers might point us in the right direction and actually help resolve the issue. Another reason is, we want to let people know that there is an issue with a certain product to potentially not buy it or at least not be surprised when an issue occurs.

The free information platform Electronics Hub developed a complaint detection tool to analyze thousands of tweets mentioning popular tech products and gave each gadget a score based on the percentage of tweets that feature a complaint.

The most complained about tech products

The most complained about tech products by countries. Source: Electronics Hub

As a result of the study, the team at Electronics Hub created a series of infographics with different categories of tech products. Interestingly, the most complained about tech product overall was the Philips Hue Bridge with a score over 42%.

The total number of tweets in the research is 344,105 and the data was gathered in November 2021. If you tweeted anything about a tech product in 2021, the chances are that your rant or praise got into the Electronics Hub study.

The most complained about cameras. Source: Electronics Hub

When it comes to cameras, they were not nearly as complained about as other products such as home appliances, mobile phones, or tablets. In fact, as the authors say, cameras got the lowest complaint rates of any device category in their study. The highest complaint rate of 8.6% goes to GoPro Hero8 Black, accompanied in second place by HERO9 with 6.4% (check our review comparison). Actioncam users mostly get frustrated with the lens, strap, or battery door.

Do you ever complain about an electronic product on social networks to warn your social bubble not to buy it? Do you have a bad experience with any of the mentioned cameras? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the article.

Source: Electronics Hub

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