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The Samsung “beans” are on their lowest price on Amazon!


The beans from Samsung started it all with the weird organic shapes! Now the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are 47% off in this crazy deal on Amazon.


  • In this deal, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $89.99.
  • The original price was $169.99.
  • You can find the discount on Amazon.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live need little introduction. Being one of the first devices to be shaped like a bean, they arguably defined the shape of smartphone earbuds after them. Now, you can get this premium set of magical beans for $80 less than their original price on the Amazon Store. This is also the lowest price we have seen the device sell for! 

They are a genuinely stylish set of earbuds that feature Active Noise Cancellation, long battery life, and excellent audio quality in a wide gamut of bold colors that make them stand out.

Buy Now for only $89.99

If you are also looking for your next Samsung Galaxy phone, I recommend you look into the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Alongside the device, you get a free $100 Amazon Gift Card which you can use in this deal.

Why choose the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live?

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are a niche product; things like the design and other choices Samsung made with the device make them a bit divisive. So to figure out if the magic beans are for you, here is some more information about them.

The Galaxy Buds Live are instantly recognizable, not only by their shape but also by their vibrant colors; Samsung really took some liberties with the looks, offering a unique design. The shape is bean-like, and as we said, it’s quite divisive. My colleague Antoine enjoyed the friendly open fit format, although he did note that they create some anxiety that they may fall out.

NextPit Samsung Galaxy Buds Live ear
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have a really discrete form factor. / © NextPit

This form factor also comes at the sacrifice of passive noise-canceling capabilities, since the seal is not as tight as with in-ears. This is why Active Noise cancellation is necessary for these headphones, and they fair just alright in that field.

The sound is okay for the price range, and the 12 mm drivers tuned by AKG offer extra bass performance. The buds also support codecs like SBS and AAC. Keep in mind that my colleague did not particularly enjoy their sound performance, so it is better to look elsewhere if you are an audiophile.

Their microphones are excellent for calls, allowing for clear voice reproduction even in the busiest days, while the accompanying software carries the superior quality standards of Samsung.

If you need a premium, stylish daily driver for the price of entry-ish level earbuds, then the Galaxy Buds Live are for you. At worst, you can plant them in your garden in hopes of finding golden goose eggs. 

Do you like their shape? Let me know in the comments!


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