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TCL’s trio of new tablets up the ante for NxtPaper

TCL has revealed a plethora of new devices at Mobile World Congress 2022, including three new tablets that greatly expand the company’s offerings. The NXTPaper Max 10, the Tab 10 HD 4G, and the Tab 10s 5G are all a part of TCL’s newest line of hardware, and each brings something new to the table for anyone looking for affordable tablet options.

The NXTPaper Max 10 is the newest entry in the NXTPaper line, TCL’s tablet series that offers users a “paper-like” experience. The Max 10 increases the line’s screen-to-body ratio to 83% with its 10.36-inch NXTPaper display. Paired with a “unique multilayer system” to reduce blue light emissions and bring TCL’s e-ink to life, the NXTPaper Max 10 is meant to be the next major device for creators and readers alike who are looking for a more paper-like experience out of their tablets. 

TCL isn’t just interested in expanding its NXPaper offerings, however, as the Tab 10 HD 4G and the Tab 10s 5G are the newest devices in the company’s Tab series. Tab devices are known for being affordable tablets that can still support creators with their processing power. Using an octa-core chipset, the Tab 10 HD 4G is meant to deliver a solid tablet experience for users on a budget. Its starting cost is 179 euros ($200) in Europe.


The Tab 10s 5G, on the other hand, will cost a fair amount more at 349 euros ($391), but it supports 5G and has 4GB of RAM, matching TCL’s other premier tablets in terms of memory. The TAB 10s 5G’s 8,000mAh battery is in line with the industry standard, outpacing the 5,500mAh battery offered in the Tab 10 HD 4G.

In addition to the three tablets that TCL has announced for MWC 2022, the company has also teased the Tab Pro 12 5G, which will have a “strong focus towars entertainment and productivity.” The company didn’t provide any other details.

The NXTPaper Max 10 will be going on sale in Asia in the middle of the second quarter of 2022, and the Tab 10s 5G  will launch at roughly the same time. The Tab 10 HD 4G is available now in Europe, but will be getting an FHD variant for its Asian release in late March.

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