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Syrp to be rebranded “Syrp Lab” with products folded into the Manfrotto Move ecosystem


New Zealand based camera slider and timelapse gear company, Syrp has announced that it’s rebranding itself to Syrp Lab and that its products will be also rebranded and brought into the fold of the new Manfrotto Move ecosystem. This isn’t the first name that’s been rebranded under the Manfrotto banner recently with “Lastolite by Manfrotto”, and simply “Lastolite” before that, also bring brought under the Manfrotto name.

According to the announcement, Syrp Lab is essentially going to be come an R&D facility working on “the next generation of tools for creators” covering a range of brands across the Vitec Imaging Solutions collective. They’re also turning to education, teaching users of Vitec products how to use them and create the best content they can.

Syrp has released a range of fantastic products over the years since the original Genie launched on Kickstarter in 2012, with many of them coming before their acquisition by Vitec in 2019. Since becoming part of the Vitec collective, things have just gotten better with a more cohesive mobile app and improved motion control hardware to produce the system that is available today. Founders of Syrp, Chris Thomson and Ben Ryan say that in 2022, they are taking the next step in Syrp’s evolution.

In 2022, we will become Syrp Lab. A center for innovation and content creation, expanding our team and working closely together to create the next generation of tools for creators, plugging in our ideas and R&D expertise into the brands that make up Vitec Imaging Solutions. Our team will not only focus on product development but also educating creators about how to use tools to create the absolute best content in the form of a dedicated YouTube channel and accompanying education website.

With this new approach we will emerge with a greater focus and energy on creating new disruptive tools, hyper-focused on user-centered design and best-in-class products for the end user. As a result, over the coming months you will notice our logo changing to Syrp Lab with a refined brand, website and social channels coupled with an all-new education channel.

– Syrp Lab

The newly branded Syrp Lab says that as far as existing customers and Syrp products go, products will transition under the Manfrotto name from both a branding and purchasing perspective. This, they say, allows them to be “fully focused on the new Syrp Lab vision”. Syrp products will become part of the Manfrotto Move ecosystem, as will the app, in order to create a “unified end-user experience across all products”. Your warranty, if you’re an existing customer with a Syrp branded product, will transfer over to Manfrotto, which means access to a larger global support team – which is a valuable thing for users in some parts of the world!

It will be interesting to see what new products come out of the newly named Syrp Lab via Manfrotto’s Move Ecosystem over the next few years. If the Syrp team no longer has to worry about the manufacture, distribution and support for products, that leaves a lot of time and resources to make their tools even better than they already are.


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