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Stop macOS from freezing during sleep/wake on a Catalina Hackintosh


This guide should resolve Catalina from freezing when a hackintosh is waked from sleep when running off the Intel iGPU (integrated graphics). The mouse will freeze a couple seconds after being waked up and  there may be a sudden restart with a kernel panic message saying there was a problem with Intel HDMI audio when you boot back in.

I noticed this kernel panic only happens when these conditions exist:

  • Using AppleALC.kext with Clover (AppleALC is no longer being tested on Clover as the developer moved his support to OpenCore causing this issue)
  • Only happens when Intel graphics is enabled.
  • When the display monitor doesn’t have an HDMI audio output (This kernel panic happened to me on a monitor that didn’t have speakers, but when I plug in my other monitor that did have HDMI audio with built in speakers the kernel panic goes away)

To get around this issue we disable HDMI audio with a HDEF patch. If you are using the EFI files in the main Catalina guide this patch has already been included.

  1. Download gfxutil
  2. Open downloaded folder and Right-click open  gfxutil
  3. A list will populate find PCI0.HDEF and copy its PciRoot device path
    HDEF device path Boxed

    In my case the device path I need to copy is PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1f,0x3) as its on the same line as PCI0.HDEF =

  4. Open config.plist located in your EFI folder with Clover Configurator
  5. Select Devices column in Clover Configurator
  6. Select the drop down menu and select No or type it in the box is in the top right corner of the Devices page
  7. Select the Properties tab near the bottom of the Devices page
  8. Click the “+” sign under the Devices* table
  9. Paste the device path you copied from gfxutil
  10. Select the Device path thats been added to the table and add:
  11. Click the “+” sign under the Properties table to the right
    Properties Key* Properties Value Value Type
    No-hda-gfx AAAAAAAA AA DATA
    alc-layout-id 1 NUMBER

    No HDA fix for Catalina Kernel Panic after sleep Boxed

  12. Restart to apply changes and see if sleep works after.

I’m my testing this issue only happens when using AppleALC on a monitor without speakers over integrated graphics. Other ways to circumvent this issue would be:

  • Switching your EFI to OpenCore or by using a different audio solution than AppleALC.kext.
  • Switching to a monitor with speakers built in so the panic doesn’t occur.


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