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PhotoCaption announced the launch of its digital transformation platform, Chorus, a cloud-based suite of turnkey, industry-specific applications. Developed by technologists who are tenured in the furniture industry, Chorus includes an ERP system, mobile sales and leads applications, a ticketing system, and a CRM that are specialized, not tailored from pre-built generic software.

Furniture wholesalers will appreciate the fact that all their customer data will be seamlessly integrated: no more duplicate customers entries or inactive email addresses, no more wrong client addresses. Sales reps on the road or at  a trade show will get the same detailed view of the customer’s data that the support staff or home office does. The company’s client roster includes Phillips Collection, Global Views, Prestige Arts and Art Trends.

“Chorus is a digital transformation platform that connects all your front-end and back-office functions: sales, customer service, inventory, shipping, and finance,” said Edi Muresan, the company’s co-founder, “Our goal is simple: we want to help companies in the industry stay viable, grow valuable and have instant visibility into their business operations. Visibility is a major issue in furniture wholesaling. We’ve been hearing from wholesale vendors for years about how inefficient and frustrating it is to juggle multiple software programs: one for accounting, an ERP, one for sales management, one for shipping, one to manage your customer support, etc. Each tool and program takes time to learn and to train, draining your attention, and each tool costs money to maintain. So we decided to design a better way. We designed a platform that does the heavy lifting so wholesale vendors can focus on running their business.”

Affordable pricing is a relative concept but Chorus comes at a significantly lower price point than complex top-shelf business software. Developed as a way to add value to small- and medium-sized wholesalers without the ticket price of other expensive platforms, Chorus requires no backups, no server upgrades, no upfront licenses, and no update fees. There are no hidden onboarding or administrative IT-related costs; switching to Chorus requires no specialized training for your support staff.

Emeric Pongor, CTO added, “While big business software brands are touting the complexity of their software, we have found that many small and medium companies who use their products barely scratch the surface of what this top-shelf software can do. Do small and medium-sized wholesalers really have the time and resources to investigate what big software could do for their business?” 

With Chorus, wholesale vendors can opt for the full platform or get started with only one application. “Regardless of which solution they choose, clients will benefit from increased operational efficiency with our cloud-based platform,” said Muresan. He is resolute that, “Wholesale vendors who use Chorus will never pay for software that gathers dust. We want to support them to focus on their jobs and business, not on managing software.”

Attendees at IMC’s upcoming Las Vegas Market (January 23-27, 2022 at World Market Center Las Vegas) will have the opportunity to connect with Muresan and get a Chorus demo. Muresan encourages wholesale vendors of all sizes to reach out, “We’ll start where you are and adjust the number of users if and when your needs change. All our applications are integrated and can be added at any time. We will work with you to determine the optimal number of applications and users.” Anyone interested to meet up and demo the software at Market should reach out to Edi Muresan at [email protected].  


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