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SSA New Product Debuts – in Stock and Ready to Ship



This Winter Market the Specialty Sleep Association’s Sleep Pavilion in C1565 is presenting 19 different companies, including FOUR international debuts. “The momentum is shifting back to that in-person validation so important in our industry.  People are ready to get back to the excitement that happens at furniture markets.  Retailers are experiencing supply chain disruptions and looking for products they can offer and deliver to their customers in a timely fashion.  Suppliers have rolled up their sleeves and are presenting solutions, ready to get retailers what they need,” said SSA Executive Directory Tambra Jones. 


Making their US debut at this Las Vegas Market in the SSA Sleep Pavilion is the German mattress company EMMA – The Sleep Company.  Emma is one of the largest DTC brands in the world, based out of Frankfurt Germany and operating in 35 countries.  Emma is launching 3 new mattress collections with first to market, cutting edge innovations in a new premium line of beds.  “Emma is excited to introduce its new collections to brick and mortar retail partners across the US” says Scott Smalling, Chief Commercial and Innovation Director.


The second company making their US debut this market is SHEELA FOAM LTD/INTERPLASP SL.  With its North American office in Toronto, Canada, this mattress company has manufacturing facilities in India, Spain and Australia.  They will have their Bed-In-A-Box on display, and are looking to hire sales reps at this market.


Next, COVESTRO NIAGRA B.V. is bringing their mattress from The Netherlands to make it’s US Debut.  Aimed at sustainability, Niaga® mattress is “designed to use again.” Says Director of Partnerships and Coalitions, Ward Mosmuller, “Niagra is the go-to innovation partner for producers and makers who want to design products for circularity. We set ourselves apart through material stewardship, transparency, and closing the materials loop. So far, our product design principles, material innovations and technology can be found in carpets, mattresses, and furniture panels. By providing transparency on the materials inside and telling consumers how to return their product, we keep these products out of the trash and are therefore fully circular.” 

Together with their partners, Niaga® designs everyday products with clean and infinite materials and reversible connections only. The Niaga® tag makes return easy, which is how they work to  safeguard materials for future generations.  The team at Niaga® envisions a world in which all products are designed to use again, so they don’t end up in the trash. Ever.


The fourth company, PELMEX, is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in Brazil with over 70 years of history in the business and 5 different plants around Brazil.  This market they will be showcasing their newest technologies for the bed-in-box category,  with mattresses roll-packed and folded in half to minimize the box size.  In hybrid and foam models, the mattresses feature their innovative fabric with graphene, which is water resistant, scratch free. They will also showcase their newest bed frame which does not require screws for assembly.


SAY YES BEDDING, a woman owned bedding manufacturer is also a first-timer to the SSA Sleep Pavilion, featuring natural fabrics with bright and unique printing designs for toddler, teen and adults . We believe that your bedroom should be as fashionable as it is functional, because it’s not just for sleeping, it’s part of your home décor,” say CEO and Founder Li Li Kosek.  “We develop our own printing designs and have our assortment made in our own workshop overseas.”

The company offers drop shipping with all current inventory, also do private labeling and OEM orders for both United State and international clients.

We will be presenting our new innovative 100% cotton double layer yarn comforter set . 100% Cotton Twill printed bedding set and duvet cover set. 


There are two more European companies in the SSA Sleep Pavilion.   

Luxury mattress manufacturer BestRest is rebranding with a new name, EUROLUX LIVING LLC.   Eurolux Living LLC will present products from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland at a variety of features, covers, high tech materials and new price points (from $1299-$12,999 retail).  “As part of this transition I want to mention two new models we are launching,” notes President, Juan Gonzalez.  Naturalia’s “Elite Collection” brings together luxurious Italian fabrics and foams, with perfectly engineered German Pocketed Coils and MicroCoils, Swiss essential elements infused in our aromatherapy Avent O2 layer and finely crafted Spanish materials.   The “Multisens System” of German MultiPocketed Coils has 1,250 independent tempered steel multi-coils packed in individual fabric pockets that make it one of the highest quality designs.


Following a successful August debut, Spanish-made BEDLINE will be in the SSA Sleep Pavilion represented by industry veteran, Scott Frisch of Discover Sleep.  Bedline is a leading manufacture platform beds, headboards, and mattresses in the EU. “We feel there’s a great opportunity for products made from Spain in the USA market. We are particularly excited about our line of platform beds with storage that are designed for the e-commerce market.” said Ernesto Galan, CEO at Bedline. “Hector Alcantara, our General Manager sees a bright future ahead for our product line in the US market,” said Frisch.   Bedline offers a very wide selection of quality platform bases with a unique storage feature. This market they will featuring our motorized model that makes storage even easier.


BAXTER BIOHEALTH dba Anti Aging Bed® is introducing a new technology mattress to accompany their AntiAging® Anti Oxidant and Far Infrared mattress covers.  Pioneers in Zero Gravity® bed frames and the innovators for the Med Bed technology, Baxter BioHealth has secured contracts for a high-quality, European comfort mattress. Says company president John Baxter, “Our new Baxter BioHealth mattresses work in concert with our Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxidant mattress covers by utilizing the latest mattress technologies, including an ultra-thin patented and eco-friendly graphine micro-layer.  Graphine is the world’s thinnest, strongest, and most conductive material for maximum heat-dissipation therapeutics.”


These mattresses also utilize the latest in ceramic technology where an extra-thin layer provides a superconductive material which works in conjunction with the nano-silver threading woven into our patented Anti-Aging and Anti-Oxidant mattress covers.  This combination of technologies makes strong strides in minimizing cell-destroying free-radical cell growth and increasing the better-grounded anti-oxidant conductivity, which releases the body’s inflammation and cellular aging.  The first Anti Aging® cover revolutionized sleep technology with Anti Oxidant® and Anti Aging® bed covers that promote good sleep by balancing the free radicals that reduce inflammation and has a natural calming effect. The Far Infrared adds to the benefit with increased circulation and healthier cells.


I LOVE PILLOW | I LOVE MATTRESS is enthused to introduce its new Perfect Fit Mattress and Pillow products. Says Managing Director, Bill Bush, “Our proprietary memory material combined with our 4 in 1 design provide the ultimate sleep experience.  We listened to our retail partners and customer feedback to provide a simple and effective sleep system with increased consumer satisfaction.”


CINCH SLEEP SYSTEM from UFP Industrial offers the convenience of an easy-to-assemble foundation kit that requires no tools, takes less than 10 minutes to assemble, and can ship via standard delivery services.  With several options from exposed wood to upholstered frames with legs, there is a foundation kit for every level:


  •  Studio – fully upholstered components with covered Slat-Pack

  •  Classic – fully upholstered components with uncovered Slat-Pack

  •  Studio Platform – fully upholstered components with legs 

  •  LumbarMax Level 1 – wood components with lumbar supports and fitted pullover cover



TFS NATURAL HOME, by The Futon Shop, offers natural and organic furniture made in America in stock ready to ship. TFS Honest Sleep mattress and pillow line offer 20 mattresses, toppers, and pillows made with natural and certified organic fibers horse-hair, wool, cashmere, camel, cotton, PLA, supportive cores in coconut, hemp, and latex as well as micro coils. TFS natural and organic sofas and sofa beds are made with the same ingredients as our mattresses in modular units, sectionals, loveseats, chairs, and sofas as well as Hemp platform beds with or without headboards. TFS President Suzanne Diamond says, “Come see our Spring lineup.”


There are several great options for adjustable bases in the SSA Sleep Pavilion. 

W.SILVER PRODUCTS will present its complete line of adjustable beds, bed frames and high rise platform bases on display. “We have product in stock for immediate delivery” says Sales Manager Brent Polunsky.


SLEEP SOLUTIONS will offer custom container programs for Adjustable Bases or partial direct shipment from their warehouse facilities to your door. They will feature their Rocking Base, Hi/Lo Lift System and a few new surprise introductions.


SLEEP & BEYOND invites retailers to their show space for 100% organic and natural cotton and wool bedding.  They are a 3rd generation family-owned bedding manufacturer with fair trade and sustainable factories located in Kyrgyzstan “The Switzerland of Central Asia”, England, Belgium, India, Pakistan and China.


Retailers visiting the SSA Sleep Pavilion will also see chest beds from ARASON ENTERPRISES, hemp mattresses and pillows from CANNABEDS, organic pillows from COOLIST, Top-of-Bed products from ELECTROPEDIC/BODY SENSE, and disaster relief opportunities from RELIEF BED.


For more information, visit and



About the SSA

Founded in 1995 as the successor organization for the waterbed industry, the SSA today advocates and promotes the full spectrum of bedding solutions. The specialty sector has become much more mainstream and now represents the fastest growing category of all bedding. 

Our showroom in LAS VEGAS in Building C1565 is a co-op venue for manufacturers and distributors introducing product to retail bedding stores/departments.  Our showroom is always one of the busiest in Las Vegas during the Furniture Market, for our new and innovative products, as well as the outstanding B2B networking opportunities that have begun with networking in our room. We endeavor to promote Specialty Sleep Products and our members, as well as recruit new retailer and manufacturing/supplier members. For more information, visit




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