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Spiffy Gear Acquired by Tether Tools Parent Company, Imaging Brands


Spiffy Gear Acquired by Tether Tools Parent Company, Imaging Brands

Spiffy Gear, maker of the very cool Spekular line of modular lighting fixtures, has been acquired by Imaging Brands, which also owns other very well-known brands like Tether Tools. What does this mean for Spiffy and its founder Udi Tirosh?

As per the press release, Imaging Brands have acquired Israel-based Spiffy Gear on January 10th, 2022. Spiffy was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Udi Tirosh and he focused on developing specialty lighting products for professional photographers and videographers.

Spiffy Gear
image credit: Spiffy Gear / Imaging Brands

Spiffy Gear

We reviewed the rather handy Spekular Core in 2017 (see review here) and this line of modular lights remains one of Spiffy Gear’s core products to this day. The fact that the brand is now under the Imaging Brands umbrella doesn’t mean that Udi Tirosh is going anywhere, though.

As he and his team focused on quite innovative solutions like the aforementioned Specular lights or the practical (and fun) Spiffy Gear Lumee light wraps (article here) –now replaced by the KYU-6, see video above–, Udi will be heading a new R&D department for Imaging Brands in Israel. So innovation will continue to be his bread and butter, which in my opinion is the best role ever!

Here’s his comment on the deal:

I couldn’t be more pleased with Spiffy Gear becoming part of Imaging Brands. I’ve long admired Tether Tools for the ingenuity of its solutions. Spiffy Gear products similarly have been created to offer story tellers continuous lighting solutions that are affordable, effective, and fun. Joining Imaging Brands will allow our collective teams to advance a shared purpose that is focused on improving every aspect of the image creation process.

Udi Tirosh

Other brands under the Imaging Brands umbrella include Tether Tools, a provider of innovative photo accessories and plug-ins, and Frio, another manufacturer of nifty (hardware) accessories.

image credit: Spiffy

In short, Spiffy Gear is not going away, only the owner of the brand has changed. With Udi still on board, I’m pretty sure we’ll continue to see more innovative lighting products on the market in the future, which is a good sign!

Links: Spiffy | Imaging Brands

What do you think? Do you use any Spiffy products on your jobs? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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