Sony Japan has listed all A-mount lenses on its website as ‘discontinued,’ signaling what can only be interpreted as the final blow for the A-type lens mount.

While the fate of A-mount has been all but confirmed through the lack of any updates from Sony and various product discontinuations over the years, the ‘discontinued’ notice posted to all A-mount lenses on Sony Japan’s website appears to be the end of a mount that was first introduced by Minolta back in 1985. Until now, A-mount lenses were still available to purchase on Sony Japan’s website, as the lenses still work with older A-mount camera systems and even E-mount cameras via various adapters.

Note the ‘The product has been discontinued at the Sony Store’ notice below each product listing.

Now, if you want to get your hands on an A-mount lens for any reason, you’ll have to hope you can find one in stock at the usual array of online retailers or resort to used models from used equipment retailers and auction websites. Since the removal of these lenses doesn’t necessarily mean the A-mount has been officially discontinued by Sony—something the company has never confirmed—we contacted a representative to see if Sony Japan would provide a definitive comment on the state of the A-mount.

That said, at this point the only thing a Sony confirmation would do is provide us a time of death to put on the metaphorical headstone of the A-mount system. We will update this article if we receive a response.