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Sony A95K potential price leak: Cheaper than we expected

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It’ll come as no surprise to learn that Sony’s new lineup of QD-OLED TVs is one of the most anticipated of 2022. While we have no official A95K release date just yet, there are leaks surfacing that suggest price tags for the A95K, A90K, and A95K. Better still, if the prices are to be believed, the next-gen lineup of QD-OLED TVs will be much cheaper than we once thought.

Sony A95K potential prices

So, how much will the A95K cost? Well, according to HDTVTest (who has calculated prices based on the Sony product page reward points system), we could see the A95K retail for as cheap as $4,000.

The 65-inch variant looks like it could launch for $4,000 while the 55-inch is $3,000 – but how did we get to those figures. Well, if you head over to Sony’s Bravia XR A95K product page, the brand has leaked potential reward points for purchasing either size of the new QD-OLED TV.

Sony’s rewards points system seems to work on a dollar-to-point ratio – with almost every product using this system. Looking at the A95K product page, it clearly says that the reward for buying a 55-inch A95K will be 3000 points – meaning it’ll likely launch for $3,000.

We did the same calculation for the Sony 65 inch and the price worked out to $4,000 – see image below for reference.

Sony A95k 65 inch price leak

If the leaked prices are to be true, that’ll make the new lineup of QD-OLED TVs much cheaper than we first expected. One Korean news publication posted a suspected $8,000 price tag for the A95K – which seemed likely considering market inflation and the new tech being implemented in these TVs. However, the new data (which may be too good to be true) suggests we could see a much more affordable launch price.

In other news, the latest Alienware AW3423DW is also launching at a much lower price than we first thought. The 34-inch ultrawide gaming monitor – which uses similar panel technology – will retail for around $1,299. Here’s what the company stated:

We’re excited to announce that the Alienware 34 QD-OLED Gaming Display will arrive early this Spring for $1,299 USD

If all is to be true, it looks like 2022 could be an incredibly exciting time for display enthusiasts.

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