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Sniper Elite 5 Release Date & Trailer


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When it comes to sniping games, Rebellion really struck gold back in 2005 when they figured out that zooming into an x-ray of your bullet merrily whizzing through your target’s skull was as satisfying as it was distributing. You can tell they’ve done well because now Sniper Elite 5 is just around the corner, and it’s technically the 10th game in the series at this point.

With the huge success of the last zombie army spin-off, there are plenty of gamers waiting to get their hands on the more sniper-focused main entry in the series. Read on to discover the important info about the upcoming sniper simulator.

Sniper Elite 5 Release Date

This title was announced shockingly recently, with a reveal trailer being put out on YouTube in December of 2021, alongside a Steam news post with some more information on the plot and setting. As with previous entries, the title will be taking place during WWII and involves a solo soldier making their way through enemy territory.

Sniper Elite 5 Screenshot

Along with those killer details, the developers revealed the release window as well. Sniper Elite 5 is going to be hitting all major consoles, other than Switch, as well as PC at some point during 2022. Other than that, we have no idea when during that 12-month stretch the game will drop, though considering how recently it was announced, chances are it’ll be towards the end.

Sniper Elite 5 Trailer

So far, the big focus of Sniper Elite 5’s gameplay seems to be pretty familiar to the first 4 main games in the series. As a lone sniper operating behind enemy lines, your job is to stealth your way through the missions using a combination of your knives, rifle, and machine gun, to take down enemies and complete objectives.

Specifically, the trailers we’ve seen so far make it clear that your goal here is to take down high-ranking Nazi officers and reveal the truth behind Operation Kraken. The biggest upgrade by far in this entry is the graphics, with some of the cinematics looking like the best that the series has ever had. Other than that, the gameplay looks just as solid as it always had, but it’s not immediately clear how much, if anything, has changed at all.

Check out the reveal trailer below to get a look at the gameplay for yourself. You can also take a look at the cinematic trailer if you want to see just how far those have come since the last game.


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