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Sigma launches its first Fuji X Mount lenses, kicking off with the 16mm, 30mm and 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary range

Sigma has today announced their expansion into another new mount with their first native autofocus lenses for Fujifilm’s X Mount system. They’ve kicked off the range with the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN, 30mm f/1.4 DC DN and 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lenses, a versatile trio for APS-C cameras that covers everything from landscapes to portraits.

With the 1.5x crop of the Fuji X system, these offer a similar field of view to 24mm, 45mm and 84mm focal lengths on full-frame with a wide and bright f/1.4 maximum aperture. Previously, these lenses were only available to Canon EF-M, MFT, Sony E and Leica L mount shooters.

Sigma CEO, Kazuto Yamaki did say that they were hoping to release “at least one” more lens mount system in 2022 during the announcement for the Sigma 20mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary lens for Sony E and L mount cameras, but I think most of us were hoping it would be something full-frame like Nikon Z or Canon RF. But, he did say “at least one”, so we may still see some new mount full-frame glass this year, too.

These won’t be the only lenses coming for the Fuji X mount system. Sigma has promised that “More lenses will be added to Sigma’s X mount lineup in the future”, although they don’t see what those lenses might be nor how soon we might see them. But they do plan to expand the Fuji X range. They say that these lenses have their AF drive and communication speeds optimised specifically for the X mount system and support continuous AF as well as in-camera aberration correction (on supported cameras) with rubber sealed mounts for enhanced weather protection.

And if you already own any of these lenses for other systems, Sigma says that these can be converted to X mount through Fuji’s Mount Conversion Service.

The Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary, 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary and 56mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lenses are all available to pre-order now for $449, $339 and $479 respectively and are expected to ship in April.

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