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SIGMA fp L Firmware v.2.00 Released – False Color, Focus Ring Control and More


SIGMA fp L Firmware v.2.00 Released – False Color, Focus Ring Control and More

The SIGMA fp L just got a major update with the release of its firmware v2.00. The latest version of the software adds a useful False Color tool, control over the Focus Ring, and other minor improvements that hybrid shooters will love.

The SIGMA fp L truly is a small beast. Here at CineD, we went pretty in-depth on the full potential of this little camera. In fact, we pushed it through our lab test and my colleague Johnnie took it for a spin. He shot some nice sample footage that you can check out in his full review.

With this firmware update, the camera is now receiving some major improvements that will make it even more powerful in the hands of both photographers and filmmakers. Let’s take a closer look.

SIGMA fp L. Source: SIGMA

SIGMA fp L Firmware v.2.00: False Color

One of the most exciting features introduced with this firmware update is the addition of the False Color tool. When active, this function will display each area of the image with a different color, depending on its exposure level. 

This monitoring function is extremely useful since it will allow users to nail their exposure every single time. Moreover, the False Color tool can be assigned to a custom button for faster access.

SIGMA fp L. Source: SIGMA

Linked settings for stills and videos

If you are a hybrid shooter, you probably hate the hustle of having to manually change the camera settings when switching between different shooting modes. With this new SIGMA fp L firmware, this will no longer be the case.

In fact, users can now choose to enable or disable the “STILL/CINE Link Settings” option. When enabled, the camera will keep track of the following settings: Shooting Mode, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Compensation and ISO.

fp L
SIGMA fp L. Source: SIGMA

Other useful functions

Another great addition is the ability to choose between a linear or non-linear movement of the focus ring with compatible lenses. The new firmware also introduces the following improvements:

  • The countdown timer in self-timer mode and exposure time for long exposures will now display on screen
  • In STILL mode, the screen will now display focal length and shooting distance for compatible lenses
  • “Clip Numbering” function in CINE mode
  • Better Color Shading Correction
  • Better “Pre-AF” in STILL mode and “Constant AF” in CINE mode

Price and availability

The latest firmware (v.2.00) for the SIGMA fp L is now available to download for free from the SIGMA website. We invite you to carefully read the instructions before updating to avoid any damage to your system.

Moreover, if you are planning to shoot BRAW on a Blackmagic Design Video Assist 12G, SIMGA suggests that you wait for BMD to release a new firmware update for the recorder as well. This upgrade should be here within this month.

Are you a SIMGA fp L owner? What do you think of the new features that come with firmware v.2.00? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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