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Featured! Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time

Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time

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UHD35STx Short Throw 4K UHD projector in a living roomUHD35STx Short Throw 4K UHD projector in a living room

enhanced gaming modeenhanced gaming mode

Optimized for Gaming

Enhanced Gaming Mode reduces input lag down to 4.2ms at 1080p 240 Hz for lag-free response. The Optoma UHD35STx has unparalleled input response time at 4K UHD resolutions for a projector – 16ms – so you can choose a serious competitive advantage at 1080p, or incredible detail with 4K UHD resolution. Playing on a console? If you have a Sony Playstation 5 or a Microsoft Xbox Series X|S, you can choose from 1080p 120Hz or 4K UHD 60Hz game play for blur-free visuals and outstanding smoothness.

HDR10 and HLG CompatibleHDR10 and HLG Compatible

HDR10 and HLG Compatible

Compatibility with the HDR10 and HLG content ensures the Optoma UHD35STx renders vivid 4K UHD content. Optoma HDR tone mapping combined with Dynamic Black technology presents an optimized image with brighter whites, deeper black levels and realistic colors that jump off the screen for an immersive visual experience.

True 4K UHDTrue 4K UHD

True 4K UHD Resolution

Experience a high-quality home cinema feel with true 4K Ultra HD with 8.3 million distinct addressable on-screen pixels. That’s double the detail compared to 4K Pro UHD.

UHD35x Long Throw Laser Gaming Projector

UHD38x Long Throw Gaming Projector

UHD35STx Short Throw Laser Gaming Projector

UHD35x Long Throw Gaming Projector

UHD38x Long Throw Gaming Projector

UHD35STx Short Throw Gaming Projector

Customer Reviews
4.0 out of 5 stars

4.0 out of 5 stars

4.0 out of 5 stars

Price $899.00 $999.00 $1,361.83
Resolution 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD
Light Source Lamp Lamp Lamp
Brightness and Contrast Ratio 3,600 Lumens / 1,000,000:1 4,000 Lumens / 1,000,000:1 3,600 Lumens / 1,000,000:1
Throw Distance for 100″ Display 10’11” 10’11” 3’7″
Lights-On Viewing

Inputs HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 and support for 4K and 1080p HDR signals HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 and support for 4K and 1080p HDR signals HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 and support for 4K and 1080p HDR signals
HDR and HLG Compatible

High Performance Gaming Mode

Zoom 1.1x Optical 1.1x Optical
Keystone Correction +/-40° horizontal/vertical +/-40° horizontal/vertical +/-40° horizontal/vertical

Specification: Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time

Product Dimensions

10.6 x 12.4 x 5.1 inches

Item Weight

8.77 pounds



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Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#833 in Video Projectors

Date First Available

August 9, 2022


Optoma Technology Inc

Country of Origin


Photos: Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time

10 reviews for Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time

5.0 out of 5
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  1. RobRob

    review with updates over course of a year.But basically I love it, and it works out the box, but also has plenty of room to tinker the picture to your liking.Day 1: I opened up the box and plugged it in, just power and hdmi. Aimed it at the wall. It took a few seconds to warm up and then, even in broad daylight with no curtains, on pukey apartment tan/gray/green paint, there was vivid color and bright whites and a perfectly legible 9 foot playstation screen. This just feels magical. I adjusted the keystone to undo the distortion from the angle I had it at, played with the focus and zoom for a few seconds, and started playing some games. Even without extended game mode it was responsive enough to play some resogun, so I turned game mode on (not just the color setting, the low lag) to try it out. The keystone undoes, so my quick setup ran the top of the screen into the ceiling, but it was so smooth, so pretty, so big. Like I feel like a kid and this is magical watching black screens look like wall then in slides a logo or loading screen and then it’s a game on my wall. Is it a little washed out in daytime? Yeah, the blacks aren’t super deep around noon, but perfectly watchable even if you don’t close the curtains, and your eyes adjust better than it can look in a photo to make the blacks look black next to the amazing whites. Is it amazing in the dark? Yes. Even after around 4pm with no curtains, when you don’t even need a room light on yet, blacks look deep black next to the brights and everything is rich. Is it magical? Always. Is it good for gaming? Yes. I am very very impressed. Been gaming for decades and I never want to use a tv again, the brightness on this and the size make a rich deep picture with a wow factor even just on an off-color wall with no prep. I bought a sound system in expectation that the built in speaker would suck, but it’s about on par with decent tv speakers and serviceable. Great volume actually, I have yet to turn it above 3. I got this to treat myself and holy **** it’s amazing. Highly recommend. Just do it. It weighs so much less than a tv and is so magical. Great color and brightness and good for gaming and watching Netflix or whatever. I am so excited to play everything on this I feel like I just bought a second childhood. It has no business looking so good in the daytime.Considerations after a few weeks: use “game” or “hdr sim” in daytime, it blows out the whites but the contrast and brightness is so much better. The dynamic brightness is supposed to give you 15,000 hours of life, that’s like 10 years of 4 hours a day, but you can hear the fan speed change, and the brightness ramp up can be noticeable and distracting when brightness changes on screen back and forth: not usually noticeable on games, but on some shows where dialogue cuts back and forth. If you want 240hz and atmos, good luck. You would need the right dual outputs on your pc to go straight to the projector and av receiver, as the projector only has stereo out, and I don’t think there is an a receiver or splitter on the market that can do 1080p240hz, best I can get is 1080p120hz or 4k60hz, which is still exceptional. Those considerations said, I still highly recommend this, it’s amazing.After a few months: still loving it. I think the only complaint is that on dynamic brightness the whites get crushed a bit on hdr from my PS4, this can probably be solved by switching to the non dynamic bright mode. On hdr in general, the dynamic black ramping will occasionally create banding and white blowout on transitions of dark to bright content too, the response time of the lamp and pixels seem to differ, this could probably be solved in a firmware update. Still highly recommend. It’s a 4k60,1080p240hz projector with gaming speed and insanely good brightness and color. Nitpicking aside nothing compares to this. Pair with a surround or Atmos sound system and it’s a perfect home theater.1 year update: still loving it and highly recommend it. I run my PC at 1080p120hz for movies upscaled with svp, and PS5 at 4k60. I stopped using HDR because the picture looks better without it, as it crushes whites and blacks on dynamic brightness mode. Overall the only downside is that around noon the picture is washed out, and you need to either pump the contrast up to about 30, or close the curtains. Best display I’ve ever used, don’t even need game mode it’s not laggy. Possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made.I eventually found the setting that was blowing out the whites in dynamic brightness mode, in the image settings screen scroll, to the second page and there’s some trademark sounding color menu like tru color or vibrant color or something, it’s basically a second contrast scaler. I still usually leave it on the default setting for the brightness boost for a clearer image with lights on, but if you’re doing movie night with the lights off, setting it lower will give you a better reference image, which of course there’s an image preset for anyway.

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  2. Mr EngrMr Engr

    Update: I left my original review below for Optoma fans to read. As for me, I had a problem almost the same day that I wrote the review. The projector started flickering in monochrome colors and did not respond to the remote to turn it off. It turned off on its own after about a minute. Then the blue & red LEDs for status began blinking together to form “purple”. I had to disconnect the power cord after letting the lamp cool to get the unit to restart and it did. I looked to see if others had a similar problem on forums. A few people did and one guy suggested blowing out the lamp compartment with compressed air. That did NOT sound like a good idea so I contacted Optoma. The tech was very brief and curt in his reply. He told me to press “sync” if it happened again. I looked that up since I recalled “sync” only helping with 3D issues and this had nothing to do with a 3D Blu-ray disc. This happened again several times and after an additional attempt at getting a reply from Optoma support I finally decided to return the unit. I had been reluctant to switch from LCD to DLP technology originally but reviews seemed enticing. Wish my experience had been better. Maybe this was just a bad unit as noted in at least one other review but the support was so poor I did not want to continue down that path. My previous experience with a SONY and an EPSON projector did not involve service issues of ANY kind for more than 8 years for either unit. Note that this unit is only about one month old as I write this update. Hope someone at Optoma learns from this review.If you need a short throw projector or want to move the projector often keep looking. My review will only cover this projector in a dedicated home theater with no windows and a 120 inch fixed screen with plenty of length and height for projector and screen placement. This is my third projector with the first being a 1999 model Sony 720p unit that cost $6,000. The second was the much-lauded Epson 8350 3-LCD and 1080p projector that cost about $1000. (This unit is about the same price corrected for inflation.) The built-in speaker is about what you would expect but why would someone create a dedicated home theater and not include at least a decent 5.1 surround system? Here is why I bought this projector after considering about 20 from four manufacturers. The picture is sharp, crisp and has much more color saturation than my previous projector. I have native HDR without settling for 1080p resolution units that are “compatible” and able to process HDR input. The HDR is manipulated to make it specifically function with this unit according to reviews and the results seem good as you will see from my sample snapshots taken with a Motorola Moto G Power phone that has a good but not great camera. The picture mode is set to Cinema as recommended in reviews and brightness is Eco and that works well in a dark room. Any additional brightness would cause eye strain in my opinion. Color saturation seems very good in this mode to me and is miles ahead of my previous projector. The images are free of rainbow effect that some people associated with DLP. There are no screen hot spots unlike what I encountered in some bright scenes with the Epson. So far, all action shots seem very smooth but I have not watched football as of yet. Where I always noticed jutter with the Epson when the credits roll there is a slight hint still there but I have to look for it. Credits with small print are much more readable. I did increase brightness and contrast AFTER taking the shots above but only by a couple of points and far from a major increase. This was as a matter of curiosity almost as much as any perceived necessity. The first picture, from TAXI, is from an old 4:3 DVD that is not Blu-ray and it was upscaled dramatically. The DVD player is a SONY UBP-X700 connected over a good HDMI cable 30 feet in length. The rest of the pictures are from Life in Color (4k & HDR) and played through a Roku 4k/HDR 8310X stick since I don’t have my 18Gbps cables for input from my DVD yet. My screen, for now, is an off-brand, inexpensive-but-surprisingly-good outdoor unit mounted in front of my $1100 21-year-old Da-Lite fixed screen that has seen better days. It supposedly has a 1:1 gain so consider the image quality with the projector settings + the screen properties. The center of my lens is within 1/2 inch of the 13 ft – 10 in calculation that leaves the lens adjustment centered between left and right adjustments. Also, the lens center should be 3″ above the top of your screen’s final white edge for ceiling mount and 3 inches below for an upright mount at floor level. I spent less than 10 seconds focusing the lens with text on the screen and I am pleased with the results. Note that the Optoma calculator yields the shortest throw for a given image size and then shows the total amount back from there that will work for the lens. That means you need to divide that max offset by 2 and add the result to the dimension shown to get the ideal location. Don’t forget to also add the offset between front of projector and mounting screws for your ceiling mount. I used the back 2 screws and that added another 8.5 inches as I recall to that 13-10 dimension. I took time to calculate all this because the most technical reviews said that using keystone and offset corrections results in small-but-measurable picture distortions. My images seem clear to my eyes over all the way to the corners of the screen. In summary, it took me several days to come up with my choice but once I put my must-haves at the top of the list and checked again in my mind how important those were, I came up with this choice. Btw, I did consider another 1080p projector based upon some discussions but decided this was the way to go and I am very glad I did. Keep in mind that I cannot comment on reliability or Optoma support since I have had this unit less than a week.

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  3. Roger M

    Very happy with the UHD35 so far, coming from an old 1080p Wimius S1 projector. It is a night and day difference in terms of brightness and sharpness. 4K looks clear, colors are vibrant, blacks are decent, and it is BRIGHT.Not perfect though. There are some minor issues with purple fringing and blockiness in color gradations. I plan to keep mine for now. I think for ~$1000 (if you can still find it for that price), it’s a decent performer and probably the lowest price for a 4K projector. Not expecting it perform like a $2K-$3K projector. I did consider the Epson 3080 and 4010 too, but those were more pricey.Good:- Bright picture (especially HDR highlights). Easily viewable during the daytime in ambient light.- 4K looks sharp. Definitely noticeable around text and edges compared to 1080p resolution.- Good color/contrast. Maybe slightly oversaturated out of the box but can be turned down in settings.- Low input lag for gaming. Tested on several XBO games and I do feel a difference from my LED TV.- Very quiet in ECO mode.- 3D capable and works great. Just re-watched Avatar in 3D and it looked fantastic. Need to buy DLP-Link 3D glasses.Not so Good:- No Lens shift and limited zoom range. 11ft distance will give you a ~100” picture but you can only move it maybe +/- 1 ft until you hit the zoom limits. Also need to ensure the projector is centered and placed at the right height to get a square image. It does have digital keystone correction but I try to avoid using it.- Slight purple fringing / aberrations around white text. For me it’s only noticeable if I get up close and actually looking for it. Some reports of this online as well. But during fast motion scenes you don’t notice.- Some blockiness in areas of subtle color gradations. One Amazon review reported this as well, and we noticed it while watching some Pixar movies, but then other movies we did didn’t notice at all. This is probably my main gripe with it. Some reports say adjusting the color space settings help, but I haven’t fully tested yet.- Black levels could be better, but I think is acceptable for the price. Shadow details are nice and clear at least.- Fan is a bit noisy on the ‘Bright’ Setting. Still quieter than my old projector.- Remote feels laggy sometimes. You have point it just right at the projector.

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  4. A. SF.

    It’s a really good projector if you want a huge screen. I get a 190″ picture that covers my whole wall from 7′ distance, and this is priceless. It also provides a great contrasty HDR. Better than some other DLP projectors I tried, and very close to my 4K HDR DisplayHDR 600 certified 32″ screen.It does need some tuning though. I have a yellowish drywall. It’s not a dedicated screen, low gain, so my settings are: Brightness: 5, Contrast: 9, Sharpness: 9, Color: 50, HDR/HLG: Auto, HDR Picture Mode: Bright, HDR Strength: 9, Brightness Mode: Bright, BrilliantColor: 10I also tuned colors a little to negate yellow tint of my ‘screen’: Color Temperature: D75, Wall Color: Off, Red: -6 13 18, Cyan: 10 0 20, Yellow: -19 3 15, Magenta: 21 0 20.Don’t forget to switch on 10 bit on your source too (I have Fire Stick 4K). And if you’re on Apple TV switch Chroma to 4:2:2 (makes a huge difference, but you also need an HDMI 2.1 cable)It took me quite some time to figure out those, maybe it helps others. What I like about the picture that it gives you a depth sense. I tried some other brands, picture looked too flat. And even before tuning colors I liked its color reproduction. 5 stars, I really enjoy watching 4K/2160p movies on it.The games look great too, haven’t tried Gaming mode, only using 4K/60fps and it’s working out even for really hard and fast pacing games like Returnal (using Moonlight streaming over a gigabit ethernet).The cons are: slow menu (not a big deal), bad contrast out of the box, picture little darker than 3,600 Lumens.

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  5. Sunny ChanSunny Chan

    Upgraded from my 3-yrs-old optoma HD27e, I don’t regret to buy it. The 4k picture density is unbeatable in a 100″ screen when compare to normal 1080p projector.It’s brighter than HD27e. So in bright mode it is a little bit too bright for movie and the fan noise is quite obvious (but just like hd27e, it is still acceptable). When playing movie, it is good to turn the brightness mode to dynamic. The contrast would be enhanced. In this mode, the projector become very quiet. Since I don’t need to adjust the keystone correction, the enhanced gaming mode is perfect for me. It provides real 4k gaming with very low input lag. Comparing the input lag of my dell s2721dgf gaming monitor, I don’t feel any different. No downsampling this time, the 4k picture quality remain the same under this mode. It’s the real deal for me since I’m looking for a 4K projector which is good in response time so that i can enjoy both, watching 4k movie and playing game.The HDR quality is quite acceptable within projector compatibility. According to my research, I think optoma has made some adjustment in HDR remapping so it is better than previous models. The only drawback is that it has some wired bug to set it in non-HDR mode with google Chromecast. If I turn the “Match content dynamic range” off in chromecast, the color wash out. So I need to keep this function on to avoid the bug . That means I can’t turn off HDR content in chromecast.Overall, I’m very satisfy with this purchase.Pros:Amazing 4K picture qualitySharp focusEnhanced game mode improves input lag quite obviouslyEnhanced game mode can output real 4k@60hz, no downsampling.Dynamic eco mode is useful to enhance contrast and lamp life.HDR quality is quite acceptable.The projector size is small and light weight.Cons:Enhanced game mode don’t allow keystone adjustmentSome wired bug in non-HDR mode with google Chromecast. (fixed)No Len shift. Only digital.Some bug in remote control when HDR is on.No ARC/eARC——————————————————————————-Updated May 3, 2021: Chromecast is updated the firmware and the bug is fixed. Once you’ve installed the new software, you’ll be able to dig a little deeper into video settings than was previously possible. In the new “advanced video controls” area of settings, you’re now given the ability to choose your preferred dynamic range format. You can always stay in SDR mode now.

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  6. Keith V

    This is my first projector I am learning a lot about how to set this up and things. I did notice my screen was usually fine but it had a slant in it. I learned I need to take out any slack in the screen from left and right. With the slant going down to the left at the top. I just needed to push that side of the screen just a little and it took that slant away real fast. I got a quick pop up screen first I want to make sure everything was Going to work well first. Now I have a mounted screen it so much easier. Also if you can mount the projector as well cause it’s like shooting a rifle at 300 meters. One little hair moved left or right it is going to be off 6 inches when it gets there. So having it mounted where it’s not going to move is really needed. But After doing some math was easy where to mount the screen and where to mount the projector. Over all it is great. I do PC gaming and PS5 and Xbox. It’s great playing in 4k ultra settings on it. The wife loves movies. We are big Nicholas Sparks fans so watching The Notebook is great. Along with any thing else. Can’t beat this for the price and it puts out a great picture.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    It’s great just make sure you pay attention to where you place your projector and the amount of the screen you want it to cover! But it marvelous! Amazing quality in the day light but beyond amazing in the dark! We have not been to the movies since we got it!!

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  8. R. G. Bickers

    Uses:• PS5 gaming• 4K disc film watching• Streaming contentHow well it does it:• PS5 gaming – fantastic. I don’t let it drop into 120hz 1080p since I like my eye candy, but there is no lag at 4K 60hz. I mostly play solo adventure games like Horizon or tactical-ish battlers like Midnight Suns, but it handles shooters and online games smoothly.• 4K disc-based movies – WOW! There’s a lot of bang for the buck here. Keep it in “Bright” mode for the best results. Bright skies will show the limits with some banding, but the overall picture is gorgeous. I have this in a basement with zoned lighting so I can replicate theater lighting. This really shines in total darkness but with subdued lighting it is still plenty bright. At 128” diagonal and sitting 15 feet back it is insanely immersive. You’ll get a better image from a $10,000 unit, but this has exceeded all my expectations.• Streaming – You’ll see the limits of the material. Apple TV+ looks pretty sharp while Netflix can get a bit janky. Wakanda Forever on Disney+ was mostly okay, until the final battle where the sky was trash. Playing around with other material this is definitely on the source. Darker films look better; the Batman on Max was crisp.Ours gets a couple hours of daily use and seems like it’s built for the long haul.The remote’s not great and it always seems to be on the very edge of perfect focus – it needs a pretty long throw – but these aren’t significant flaws. For a projector in this price range, the UHD38 is top of the class.

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  9. Tevin JTevin J

    The media could not be loaded. I’ve had this projector for a few months now, switching between regular daily use and definitely movie nights. Of course most, if not all projectors are going to look better at night or in dark rooms/settings, however this projector can be used at anytime. Also keep in mind your setup (your connected device and screen) plays a huge factor in your image quality.I use a non 4k Apple TV that still pushes out the highest quality content possible. When I use my Plex server, it still shows the quality at 4k even though I know it’s being rendered down. Disney+ still lets me play 4k UHD content with no buffering of any kind. And my screen isn’t even the platinum material I plan to upgrade to at some point. And even with all this, it’s still a phenomenal picture. And that’s coming from someone who is now on their 4/5th projector. I have it connected via Bluetooth to my standing tower speakers. Are the built in speakers usable? Definitely, but they won’t cut it for the “movie experience”.I moved and really wanted to upgrade my setup and quality, and was able to do just that. I definitely recommend this buy, especially now that it’s cheaper than when I purchased it.

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  10. MTMT

    Sooo, 1st I thought I would save money. I bought a 720 BenQ for about $300. Color was great but very pixeled on 200″ screen. So I went big and spent $2000 on the Sony Bravia 1080 preowned. Maybe somthing was wrong but picture was washed out and greenish. So I returned a 2nd projector and gambled on this 4k. Wow, so glad I did. So out of Box, Not very good color. Greenish, dull and too blue at other times. I messed with settings for days until it was so perfect, my entire family even keeps saying, wow this is clear and so beautiful. For the price it’s amazing. I’m keeping and Im very happy. I tried to post my settings so you can try to duplicate.

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    Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time
    Optoma UHD35STx Short Throw True 4K UHD Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector 3,600 Lumens for Lights-On Viewing 240Hz Refresh Rate and Ultra-Low 4ms Response Time


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