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Featured! [2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count

[2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count

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Specification: [2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count

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8.5 x 8 x 2.5 inches

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7.5 ounces



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#30 in Bullet Surveillance Cameras

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April 22, 2019



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Photos: [2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count

10 reviews for [2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count

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  1. HorseGirlHorseGirl

    The media could not be loaded. 2024 Update: I have had these cameras around my property since this original purchase in 2020. While one did not work out of the box (see original review below), I have come to love the ones that did and have even purchased additional Zmodo cameras. I have one camera placed such that it is exposed to 100% of the weather elements (full sun, rain, snow, wind, etc.). I have had to replace that camera 1 time since 2020. The rest of the outdoor cameras are installed under overhangs, and all other original cameras are still functioning!!Pros:- Hardy with great longevity! What other affordable tech do you have that can be exposed to the elements 24/7 for 4 years and still work as advertised?- Easy to install- Camera records motion in short clips for past 12 hours for free (no subscription necessary)Cons:- No microphone/speaker on these, so they do not record sound.- Must have constant 2.4Ghz WiFi connection to work- Night Vision attracts spiders to build webs. Make sure you put them in a place where you can “dust” off the front as mine tend to have little spider webs around them all the time in the summer months.- Unless you subscribe to a cloud recording, limited movement capture will only record movement on the camera every 3 minutes.Obviously you have to decide what you can live with, but for an entry-level security camera, these are hard to beat!Original Review: I have these cameras around my property, including the driveway and barn. They have worked great and were easy to hook up. Unfortunately, I didn’t hook all 4 up immediately. I only hooked up 3. The last one has been in a box for a year and now when I need it, it will not connect to the network, and therefore is useless. I have tried all the steps to add it, but it won’t connect. In addition, my router can’t see it either, which makes me think it is the camera versus something I am doing. The other three work great, but one is essentially a paperweight. :

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  2. DMorrissey

    I accidentally bought 2 sets of these and couldnt cancel the second set, but this may not be a bad thing however.My front door, yard, and driveway are on the other side of my house from where I spend most of my time. If my dog freaks out for no reason I can now look and see if anyone or thing is there. If some one knocks I can judge how much I care about going to the door.Super easy to add to my network, the ap works on my smart phone, tablets and linux computers. I can even login using a windows computer I dont own. As long as I can get the interwebs I can access my cams, no static home IP needed even though I have one. Very easy to setup and use.I got these to watch my front door and driveway.Does a good job, clear but not perfect pictures. Cannot read a license plate at 30-40 feet, but good enough to ID a vehicle. Good enough to get a rough description of an individual or group but not definitive identity at a distance. I can also see if there is unusual traffic on my street from the back of my house.Mainly I got these so I can watch my dog while she is outside from the other side of the house. She can be pretty entertaining but I can also see when she is cold and needs to come inside.There is a lot of meth traffic in the area so noting unusual traffic is good to notice.I have not set up notifications for motion detection yet, if I set up a camera to the back of the house I may do so as moose can be a problem with my dog. I may do another notification for my street or driveway do to the meth problem in the area. I havent done it yet but it should be simple.The extra units I accidentally ordered will go to bridge the gap between my yard and driveway covering my shed and more of my road for better coverage, and the other will cover the back of the house so I can keep an eye out if moose are in the yard when the dog is going to go out.Pro: Good picture for the price, easy setup. good expand ability if you have good wireless bandwidth. Can take videos and pics remotely. Night vision quality is good as daytime just not the distance.Con: Connections are not made for exterior use. Non weather proof connections. Power supply is a 110 outlet plugin. Easy to defeat unless rewired or very high up and out of reach or very well hidden.I havent messed with DVR or cloud recording yet so I cant comment.Overall so far Im happy with these cams.I may be the exception on this, I have 3 tablets for my self, I use 2 when idle for the cams I have set up, I may get a fourth for the out back moose cam or just use my cell.Good bang for the buck and easy to use.

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  3. TylerTman

    Purchased this set through amazon recently. To be honest I was skeptical at first due to some reviews. After using them myself for a couple weeks I could not be happier. These cameras were extremely easy to set up. Turned them all on near the router and downloaded the app. Within 10 minutes they were all connected to my wifi.–Install–The longest part was figuring out where to install. Installing them is easy, just make sure you got decent wifi signal and plug it in. Yes, like other reviewers stated the power cord is not very long. Maybe ~10ft or so. This makes it so you will probably need to use some sort of extension cords. But nonetheless as long as you expect it, it should not be a surprise.**Update 12-18**As mentioned the cord is short so you need to plug it in close to power source. I found I very simple fix for this. if you search Micro usb Male to Female Extender Cord. Any cord with that setup will extend the length of your cord, I bought a 16.5ft one for around $10. easy peasy.–APP–Alot of reviewers complained about the application for zmodo. I found the app to be very easy to use with a lot of different settings and options for the camera. Maybe the app was recently updated, I am not sure. But my experiecnce with the app so far is great. I occasionally notice minor bugs in which i notfify support right there on the app. It is nice someone is always there to answer questions.–Motion–Again, I was worried about buying these because people complained about motion detection, which is most important feature. If you follow the instructions for install there will be no issues with motion. I have tested my setup multiple times and the motion is always working. Hell, it even sometimes goes of if tree branches blowing around in the wind. One of the top reviewers stated “i feel less safe”. I have no idea how that is even possible. The motion works if set up properly. Even if some chance it misses a motion the fact you have cameras is a huge crime deterrent. Plus if you are worried about motion alerts you can always buy the cloud which has now been released for 24/7 recording. I feel the cloud is over priced for my budget at around $7 a month per camera I believe, but hopefully that cost will go down.I initially did have an issue where I was not getting motion alerts but I found it was user error. In the app you can click to say if you are home, away, sleeping, etc. Each of those options has specific alert settings. My “home” setting was default to not give motion alerts. This is easy to change but if you are not aware it may confuse you.Overall I am very pleased with this system. You can definitely not find a better system for the price. With the new cloud feature, you can’t go wrong. I have no issues with motion where my cameras are installed and the setup and install was a breeze. I did not post pictures/video for privacy concerns. Any questions feel free to ask!**UPDATE**7-8-18I have had these cameras for almost a year now. They are still going great and everything stated above is accurate. In the past year, I have caught on video a hit and run accident which occurred outside my house on the street. I was also able to assist police in getting video footage of a possible suspect in a burglary which occurred at my neighbor’s house. The motion alerts are still going as expected and I am pleased with them. I do wish the motion alerts recorded longer than the 8sec or so. The app is still working perfectly for me with no issues and seems to be getting updates very regularly.***Update 11-23-18***I recently had a bike stolen out of my garage. My camera I have set up back there caught them on video running from my garage with the bike. I also found them up front scoping out my house (they apparenty did not do very good if they did not see the cameras). The bike was only around $100 value to me but I posted the video on facebook and someone was able to identify the suspects from watching the zmodo video. It was super easy to download video to my phone and post on facebook. I was in contact with police and am happy to say the suspects are caught and my bike was returned all in less than a week thanks mainly to zmodo. Now that being said I did miss some important motion alerts fro the incident but got what I neded. I am highly considering getting the 24/7 cloud recording. I have not had a major issue with motion alerst but I know it does not get everything. I am hoping to purchase a 5th camera for the holidays to get even more protection.

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  4. DR Yuri O.

    I bought Zmodo 720p HD Outdoor Home Wireless Security 2 Cameras about three weeks ago. First few days I’ve spent to login these cameras to my home network. That was not straightforward. First I’ve tried to link them through zlink as was recommended in some reviews. Cameras were working for some time than went offline. Have no idea why. I have tried Livechats. They were quite responsive and suggested several ways. But the cameras still worked unstable. I was rather disappointed for I like these cameras. They give quite good picture at day light and very satisfactory picture at night. Actually I was quite impressed for the quite good night picture from such a cheap devise. So, I did not want to return them back and continued my efforts. Finally, I have linked them as wireless devices. They both logged in as a group. I gave them different names and over more than a week test at different linked devices. The primary device is my cellphone. They work well on my computers – home and at work. So I can see a clear picture from both of them at any time. I have sheared them with my wife and daughter – they also do not complain. Moreover, wife follows all motion detections and informs me when I did not have time to notice this myself.Overall conclusion:1. It looks like they are sensitive to the local network features. One should try different ways to connect them.2. If the power was interrupted, they came back online on their own.3. The picture is quite good both at daylight and at night.4. I have found that the time I’ve spent to set up them worse to have the result: for $90 I have my backyard viewed at any time. I am going to buy two more to cover the whole area I want to be controlled. It really gives you peace in mind when you are out – you see what is going on at your backyard.5. The only one “complain” – when motion is detected the recorded time is too short, only five frames. Then motion is not detected over some time after (so far I did not found how long). ZMODO, in principle, suggests a solution for this through they clouds. I’m thinking to try this – one week is free.I really impressed for the price per value ratio and recommend these cameras for anybody who wants a cheap and simple solution. My friend subscribes with a surveillance contract and pay $40 per month. My two cameras cost me $90 and I have practically the same result without monthly payment. As I understand I can use up to 8 cameras in such a simple way.

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  5. Nedap

    Cameras were easy to setup and have several features to adjust if desired. I am able to see all sides of my house. Motion detection sends notifications if turned on, great camera.

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  6. Andy

    Super easy to set up. Great video! I have them set up in our barn for lambing/kidding and they work great. Will definitley order additional cameras for other areas of the farm.

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  7. Laura Young

    The only downfall on these cameras is I don’t think they have audio, or at least if they do I can’t figure it out. The picture is really good through the camera. It picks every little movement which is what I was looking for!

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  8. Yare

    Really like how easy it was to connect I really recommend perfect camera night vision is perfect.

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  9. Amazon Customer

    Disfruto de cámaras de esta marca desde hace 8 años, tengo 3 generaciones de ellas funcionando en mi propiedad. Esta última solo está limitada por la falta de transmisión y recepción de audio. Pero su imágenes son estupendas.

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  10. Pat

    For a camera with a cost of $50, they are good.Several issues with my order. First, two of the four did not work, but technical support on the phone was EXCELLENT!! Tech assistance on the phone quickly created an RMA and sent a prepaid return shipping label. Down side is, “RMA” was to troubleshoot the two defective cameras with possible replacement. They could have saved us all time and sent me two new ones with the understanding of additional billing if the problem was on my side. Downside, shipping is via ground both ways with me in Oregon and them in Illinois. So, minimum of 8-10 day turn around without any bench time regarding repair. Poor business model now days. Again, it is a $50 camera and at least they are stepping up to the plate for repair/replacement inside the USA.Don’t bother with the online technical assistance, I waited over one hour for a “chat” and never did hear back other that a return email that came three days later in English that was equal to a second grader message. Very poor and very obviously not from the USA. Yes, yes, I understand that the cameras come from China or wherever, so, I highly recommend the telephone tech assistance which is 8-8 M-F CST.The application for smart phone and the web site viewers could really stand a update. REALLY!! Apps that I have used before for IP cameras, IP Viewer by Robert Chow, should be the template for a real viewer via smart phone. Again, these are $50 IP cameras and expectations may need tempering.Yes, the cameras can be viewed in 720p and the quality is good. The cameras can be programmed to send email messages indicating motion in their view area and the email contains several screen shot images of about 2-3 seconds of elapsed time. Although, the field of view can not be set up for areas to be ignored and areas to be watched and viewed area has no sensitivity adjustment. So, be prepared for lots of emails of leaves blowing in the wind. After all, the technology of “motion detection” in CCTV is pix change not real presence of a human presence. Again, these are $50 cameras.When the app or web based viewers are used, the cameras do not come up in a view function for a specific camera. You must click on an image that was saved from the first time, or possibly the last time, the camera was powered up and then the real time view is active. The smart phone app comes up in a Low Def version and it must be switched to High Def for a quality view. Not selectable or changable in the VERY limited programming via phone app or online app/viewer. Again, a $50 camera coupled with an app/viewer with an equal value interface.I gave this a “3 star” rating due to the frustration in dealing with a 50% order success. If I were asked, I would give the telephone tech support 6 stars as she REALLY new what she was doing and was not just going through a list of troubleshooting steps for a dummy. If and when I get the other 50% I certainly will repost to this review.We shall see.1/27/16 – Cameras are back from repair by the distributor and they work perfectly, or at least like they should. No cost for return shipping or repair. I highly recommend the product and the supplier. I CHANGE MY RATING TO FIVE STARS. THANK YOU!!

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    [2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count
    [2023 Upgraded] Zmodo 1080p Outdoor Wireless Camera, 3 Pack Indoor Outside WiFi Cameras, IR Night Vision, Motion Detection, Remote View, Easy Setup, White, Plug-In, Compatible with Alexa 3 Count


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