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Shed Chicken Coop | Ana White


diy shed chicken coop with free plans

Reader Photos and Whitney Builds:

We did use 2×3’s for the framing and it really did work out nice. They are a little harder to work with because they are not as ridged as a 2×4. But at a cost savings of about $0.75 per board it really saves. 

 We did use some old wood windows and opted to not make the shutters operational. My concern was that the shutters would keep out the sunlight that helps keep the chicks warm in the winter. So this may be an option for someone who can get a hold of windows. We also used some barn wood for the shutters… so cute! 

 Another change, we did not make the front of the nesting box hinge. From what I have read the hens keep their nesting box fairly clean so it should be easy enough to clean it from the top. This also helps make the nesting box extra strong (my 5 year old nephew was already caught standing in it!). 

One other change to the nesting box, I made it shorter. Once we got the wood right up to the coop it was way to deep and would have been hard for the hens to get in and out. I shortened sides by 4″ and that left it with about a 3″ drop into the box.

Please stop over and check out more construction photos and read more tips from Whitney from Whitney’s Workshop.  Thank you again Whitney and family!

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DIY Shed Chicken Coop


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