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Save $85 on this 5TB HDD deal from Best Buy

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Games and applications are all ballooning in size, meaning that you’re probably more often than not having to add and remove new games as you get them. This can be frustrating if you have a PC or even a brand-new console. You can put new games into ‘cold’ storage on new consoles, which means that you’re able to load them onto your internal storage as and when you want to experience the load times off of an SSD. Additionally, this is just one hell of a good deal on a 5TB drive, so don’t sleep on it if you’re looking for more storage, regardless of what it might be used for.

This deal that gives you $85 off the MSRP runs out soon, so be sure to get your hands on it while you can for this fantastic price. You could kit out your new PS5 or Xbox Series S or X for cold storage. Or, if you’re looking for more storage options for your Gaming PC, be sure to check out the benefits of getting an SSD, instead.

Want to it for internal storage? Shuck it

External hard drives

This drive is limited to using USB 3.0 speeds due to its external nature, sure USB-C would have been nice, but it’s more likely that this is an end-of-life product that’s going on sale, and that’s why you can get it for such a killer price, with $85 USD off. This makes it extremely attractive for those of you who want to hook up to an external console, or, if you’re handy, get that drive cracked open, and plopped into a system of your choice.

The process of getting an external HDD out of its shell is named shucking, and much like the action to prise open an Oyster, shucking an external hard drive is pretty similar. But, we recommend that you equip yourself with a couple of tools ahead of time to ensure that the drive actually makes it out alive in the process. Since we don’t actually have the drive in question in front of us, we’ll guide you through a general process of how to shuck pretty much any external drive that you might own.

Firstly, you want to arm yourself with a precision screwdriver set, just make sure that the bits are small enough to get into really small screws that you may encounter on your quest to shuck. In addition to a screwdriver, an additional spudger or a thin guitar pick will help you prise apart the case. To shuck the hard drive, be sure to check out the screw locations, they could be exposed or hidden under stickers, or rubber feet on the HDD. It’s important to locate as many screws as you can, as it’ll help you out when it comes to getting the drive out of the casing.

After you’ve removed the screws, you might have to also pry apart the case, which is where your spudger, guitar pick, or old credit card will come in handy. Run it along the seam or split between the top and bottom shell and try to get it open. It might require some force, but be sure not to break anything, if you can. Alternatively, there may be no screws and just a casing. In this scenario, you might need to ready multiple picks, spudgers, and more to see what you can do in order to ensure that you can get it all out safely.

With the casing cracked open (but hopefully not broken), you should now be able to extract the hard drive. There may be a little controller that connects the SATA interface up to the drive itself, and all you need to do is safely disconnect the SATA connector from the drive, and then, you should have been able to successfully extract the drive from the shell. You can always put it back in the shell and use the controller to hook it up via USB, but sometimes it’s just a little bit nicer to be able to get yourself a new internal drive on the cheap, if you’re looking for a good bit of cold storage.

The only drawbacks are that hard drives are not particularly fast, so don’t expect the fastest loading times from things on this, or scrubbing times from large video files, in case you were intending to use it on a library for something like Plex. You can check out everything you need to know about HDDs vs SSDs, and what Hard Drives are best for gaming.

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