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Samuelson Furniture to Sponsor Ageless Living Collaborative Senior Living Design Scholarship

The Ageless Living Collaborative (ALC), a 501c3 organization, recenrly announced that they will invite applications, beginning June 1, 2022, for a scholarship specifically for students dedicated to senior living design.


To submit an application, applicants may go to and, use the link to submit the required documentation as specified by the application.


The Ageless Living Collaborative Senior Living Design Scholarship Sponsored by Samuelson Furniture, a $10,000 scholarship to be awarded to a senior living design student, will adhere to the criteria of NEWH scholarships, and will be awarded in mid-November 2022, during the Gold Key Awards in New York.


“We are honored at the opportunity to contribute to the future of senior living design by sponsoring the Ageless Living Collaborative Senior Living Scholarship. At Samuelson Furniture we are excited to support the evolving needs of this design segment, and we’re eager to invest in the growth of new talent who will become the innovative, thought-provoking leaders among us. The future of senior living is bright and as part of this design community, we are ready to do our part to fuel students’ passion to create an enhanced quality of life for all—no matter what age,” said Lawrence Chalfin, President, Samuelson Furniture.


“We are grateful to Samuelson Furniture for greatly accelerating our ability to present this scholarship to a student dedicated to senior living design. The Ageless Living Collaborative is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and through the ALC scholarship program, our goal is to encourage and embrace new thinking, innovative evidence-based design and better outcomes for seniors,” said Phoebe Stein, President of Ageless Living Collaborative and Olive Presents, Inc.


In July of 2020, the Ageless Living Collaborative (ALC) was founded by senior living design industry leaders to share information, educate, discuss and delve into current challenges, and find solutions, for the senior living community. Through webinars, covering numerous topics, the Ageless Living Collaborative provides a platform for experts to address issues, and engage in conversations to encourage positive aging for seniors.


“Much of the mission of the Ageless Living Collaborative aligns with our own mission at NEWH, which is to provide scholarships to qualified candidates who wish to pursue careers in their chosen fields related to hospitality, and in this case, senior living. NEWH has developed a protocol for identifying schools and candidates for scholarship recipients and we are happy to support ALC in facilitating the senior living design scholarship program,” said Shelia Lohmiller, CEO.


To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Ageless Living Collaborative Scholarship Fund, donors may go to, select donations and click on Ageless Living Collaborative.



About Ageless Living Collaborative

AGELESS LIVING COLLABORATIVE, or ALC, is a 501c3 organization, comprised of passionate, talented and extremely knowledgeable senior living design professionals dedicated to creating optimum outcomes for seniors. The ALC endeavors to reach and inform seniors, and those who create senior living housing, in all typographies, from large or small communities to various care models, as well as aging in place. The group is dedicated to educating, informing and keeping seniors thriving. For more information please visit:


About Samuelson Furniture

Samuelson Furniture is the only fourth generation family-owned company dedicated to the hospitality and senior living sectors, providing high-end casegoods and seating for 3.5, 4 and 5-Star projects. Based in New Jersey and led by its President Lawrence Chalfin and Executive Vice President Michael Chalfin, the Samuelson Furniture team distributes to the international market and global design community servicing the world’s finest hotels, assisted living communities, timeshares, restaurants, country clubs and corporate environments. Samuelson’s 87+ years of manufacturing experience lends valuable insight to design interpretation and solutions, providing in-house CAD design, drawings, model making and concept development. Through talented wood working, exceptional finishes and the finest quality of upholstery, Samuelson Furniture executes the vision provided by the designer at proper cost and value to the client. Samuelson’s foundation has always been quality, service, integrity, and innovation.


About NEWH

NEWH is the premier networking resource for the hospitality industry, providing scholarships, education, leadership development, recognition of excellence and business development opportunities. For more information, visit



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