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Samsung to reveal Galaxy Book Pro 2 at MWC 2022

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Samsung just can’t keep itself from stuff. Hot on the heels of the Galaxy S22 is the Galaxy Book Pro 2. From the events that were held earlier this year for the Galaxy S22, all the way to right now, the tech giant is going to be announcing some brand-new products into the world, at a rapid pace. You can expect to see an official reveal of this brand-new device a the end of this month, where you’ll be able to check out some which you might want to start getting excited about now ahead of its presumably official reveal at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 comes hot on the heels after Samsung announced its intentions to continue the line of products with next-gen power, and confirmed that the new device would indeed be seen at Mobile World Congress 2022. But, it doesn’t end there. Rumors are swirling around what the next Samsung Galaxy book might look like, and Giznext has teamed up with their own sources to produce a render of what the new device might look like. Allegedly codenamed ‘Mars 2’, the device is shown to be colored in a martian burnt-orange finish but is also expected to release in additional colors, too. It might not be a gaming laptop, but it can still look different from the metal slabs we’ve seen before.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 features

Credit: Giznext

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 features a large trackpad, in addition to a small-looking bezel around the screen, which is incredibly useful for turning this laptop around and using it in tablet mode to watch movies or play video games. Unfortunately, we do not have any information with regards to the technical specifications of the device itself, but we’d expect it to be using 12th-gen Intel processors and a configurable amount of RAM that scales with the exact type of chip that you’ll be putting in there, too.

The Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 is poised to be one of the things which you can expect to see bridge the bounds of multiple classes of devices, which is exactly where Samsung sees the future going, as Hard-sang Kim stated in their PC promises ahead of MWC 2022.

‘Therefore, as PCs continue to power many of our daily routines, we are continuing our efforts with our Galaxy Book lineup to provide best-in-class experiences across our devices. That’s why we’re continuing our longstanding partnership with Intel and Microsoft. Together, we will achieve three goals with our soon-to-be-announced next generation Galaxy Book lineup that is set to transform the way people use their devices within their daily lives: a seamless experience across devices and operating systems, the combination of the best of Galaxy mobility powered by Intel, and peace of mind brought about through robust security.’

Samsung promises strong security

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 04 1024x576 min
Credit: Giznext

As we approach an era with all manner of hacks, and vulnerabilities in devices as court lives ever shift into becoming more digital than ever before, Samsung has further committed to making sure that their devices are more secure than ever, and they’re looking to double down on this with further commitments with partnerships alongside Intel and Microsoft to combat security threats, as their post states.

‘Nowadays, it’s vital that we deliver an experience that’s as secure as possible. One thing is clear: we can’t do this alone. To deliver the safest PCs possible, we worked together with Intel and Microsoft to ensure the next generation of devices meets the strongest security standards and combats modern security threats.’

They further go on to speak about the Galaxy ecosystem, and promise to commit to strong security features in their next-generation Galaxy Book Pro 2 360. We just have to sit tight and wait for MWC 2022 to see all the new laptop that could come packed with brand-new tech.

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