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Sachtler aktiv10T, aktiv12T and aktiv14T 100mm Tripod Heads Released


Sachtler aktiv10T, aktiv12T and aktiv14T 100mm Tripod Heads Released

Sachtler has just released a series of new 100mm tripod heads with touch-and-go plates: the Sachtler aktiv10T, aktiv12T and aktiv14T. These tripod heads all feature Sachtler’s SpeedSwap and SpeedLevel technologies that allow you to quickly remove and level your tripod head. Also, all heads have 7+7 step drags adjustments, a 15-step counterbalance, and the 14T can support camera packages up to 16kg/35.3lbs. Let’s take a closer look at these!

When it comes to tripod heads, Sachtler is a brand you can’t really go wrong with. The German manufacturer has been producing state-of-the-art tripods and heads for years, and their products will probably last you a lifetime of field abuse.

Check out the video below from October 2020, where Nino conducts a short interview with Steve Turner of Vitec about the then-new Sachtler active line of tripod heads:

Sachtler aktiv tripod heads

In October 2020, Sachtler introduced the aktiv line of 75mm and 100mm bowl tripod heads. These heads had a revolutionary take on how you level your tripod head and remove it from your tripod legs.

Image credit: Sachtler

If you pull the front lever halfway on the aktiv tripod head itself, you can level your camera package quickly and easily; no need to unscrew your tripod bowl adapter anymore. To remove your aktiv tripod head from your sticks, all you have to do is pull the lever entirely, and you’re free.

Sachtler has just released three new 100mm tripod heads for filmmakers with heavy camera packages: the aktiv10T, aktiv12T, and aktiv14T.

Image credit: Sachtler

Sachtler aktiv10T, aktiv12T and aktiv14T features

The Sachtler aktiv10T, aktiv12T, and aktiv14T have a lot in common, including:

  • All tripod heads feature a 100mm bowl.
  • SpeedLevel and SpeedSwap features to quickly level and remove your tripod head.
Image credit: Sachtler
  • 7 steps of pan drag adjustments, and 7 steps of tilt drag adjustments
  • 15 counterbalance steps
  • A built-in touch-and-go plate

The main difference between the tripod heads is their maximum payload capacity, as all heads can take a minimum payload of zero. The aktiv10T can take camera packages up to 12kg/26.5lbs, the aktiv12T is rated for 14kg/30.9lbs, and the aktiv14T can take up to 16kg/35.3lbs.

All tripod heads feature a Sachtler Touch-and-Go tripod plate. Image credit: Sachtler

The Sachtler aktiv10 was already available at launch but with a Sideload S baseplate. In terms of features, the new aktiv10T is identical to the aktiv10; it just features a touch-and-go base plate instead of the Sideload S one.

Price and availability

The Sachtler aktiv10T retails for $2,688.50, the aktiv12T is $4,018.50 and the aktiv14T is $5,054.00. All heads are available to preorder now, and some packages with flowtech100 sticks are also available. However, I think that the aktiv10T offers you the most bang-for-your-bucks, and you can’t go wrong with it.

For more information, please visit Sachtler’s website here.

What do you think about these new 100mm tripod heads? Did you already use a Sachtler aktiv tripod head? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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