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Rycote Microphones HC-15 and HC-22 Introduced


Rycote Microphones HC-15 and HC-22 Introduced

Rycote, the UK-based company owned by the Vitec Group, introduced its first microphones. They offer two hypercardioid shotgun mics with different lengths – HC-15 and HC-22. They are now available for purchase starting at $779 without any accessories.

Only recently, we informed you about the Vitec Group acquiring the US company Audix. How the acquisition of a high-quality microphones manufacturer will improve Vitec’s audio lineup remains to be seen. One of Vitec’s audio division companies, Rycote, however, announces its first microphones already now. Let’s take a look at the details.

Who is Rycote?

You might have heard the name Rycote in connection with microphone mounts or windshields made for RØDE or any other microphone manufacturer. These two products were in fact the main focus of the company for many years. Times change – Rycote, since 2018 part of the Vitec Group, has recently introduced its first-ever microphones. The company is now offering two shotgun microphones – HC-15 and HC-22.

Rycote HC-15 and HC-22 shotgun microphones

The names of these two models already explain a lot from their characteristics. HC means hypercardioid so the polar pattern of both microphones has a very narrow and focused front pickup angle. That means both mics are highly directional (as expected from a shotgun-type microphone). The number after the HC indicates the microphone’s physical length in centimeters. The Rycote HC-15 is a 155mm (3.7″) short shotgun microphone whereas the Rycote HC-22 has a total length of 221mm (6.3″). Both models share the same diameter of 19mm.

The company describes the sound of the microphones as “precise” resulting in a crisp sound with some additional warmth. After all, there are already a few audio tests with the microphones online on Youtube, so you can be the judge of their audio pick-up quality.

Rycote HC-15 characteristics and specs. Source: Rycote

Rycote further states that the mics have extremely low self-noise. They both feature a gold-plated Neutrik XLR connector as well as RF protection and low power consumption. As Rycote states, both microphones were designed in-house and made at the Rycote factory in the UK.

Rycote HC-22 characteristics and specs. Source: Rycote

Both microphones support 48V Phantom power, the signal-to-noise ratio is 85 dB and the frequency range is 50 Hz – 20 kHz. Both models have very similar specs, but the different length results in slightly different characteristics and polar pattern.

Price and Availability

Both Rycote HC shotgun microphones are now available for purchase. The shorter Rycote HC-15 sells for $779 while the longer model HC-22 costs $799. Not much of a price difference.

Rycote HC-15 in a case. Source: Rycote

Rycote is shipping these microphones in a simple case without any accessories – as they say: “to keep things simple” and to reduce the cost. The company, of course, offers a wide variety of mounts, windshields, clips, and other accessories, so if you don’t have any of that, make sure to order some too. B&H also offers three different kits with accessories.

What is your go-to shotgun microphone? What do you think of these new mics from Rycote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.


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