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Roland AeroCaster, UVC-02, and CGM-30 – Easy-to-use Live Streaming Products


Roland AeroCaster, UVC-02, and CGM-30 – Easy-to-use Live Streaming Products

Roland has just released three new easy-to-use and quite affordable live streaming products: the Roland AeroCaster, the UVC-02 web presentation dock, and the CGM-30 gooseneck microphone. These products mainly target users who want to do simple tasks without installing tons of third-party apps, racking their brains for hours, or invest in pricy equipment. So let’s take a closer at these!

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, live streaming solutions went popular as we were all forced to do calls and meetings online. The least we can say is that there are solutions for every budget and need.

Let’s suppose you already have a camera at your disposal. In that case, chances are your camera probably received a firmware update to enable live streaming/webcam mode like the SIGMA fp or Sony ZV-1, to name a few. For more professional use, products like the YoloLiv Yolobox Pro or Teradek Wave 7″ 5-in-1 live streaming monitor will have your back.

However, speaking for most people working from home, we did not see many easy-to-use products with essential features that just get the job done. Roland has just introduced the AeroCaster, UVC-02 web presentation dock, and CGM-30 gooseneck microphone to fill that gap in the market.

Roland AeroCaster features

The Roland AeroCaster is an exciting take at live streaming systems, as it doesn’t have any physical video input. Indeed, the AeroCaster allows you to connect up to four iOS/Android mobile devices simultaneously and use their built-in cameras to live stream.

It means that you don’t need any DSLR/mirrorless camera to start your live stream – just connect your smartphones/tablets to the AeroCaster via the Roland AeroCaster Camera App, place them where you want, and that’s it!

Image credit: Roland

Instead of a smartphone, it’s best to use a tablet connected via USB-C to the AeroCaster that runs the AeroCaster LIVE App to monitor all your video feeds. Inside the LIVE App, you’ll be able to:

  • Adjust your transitions
  • Adjust the settings of your various cameras like focus/zoom/exposure/white balance
  • Connect to most leading streaming platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and so on
  • Access the media on your iPad to create custom image overlays, play video clips, photos, and graphics
  • Play background music and/or sound effects
Image credit: Roland

Additionally, for screen-sharing purposes, you can connect the AeroCaster LIVE App to a computer/mobile device via the Google Chrome browser over Wi-Fi. It allows you to view your live output on a more significant display.

Image credit: Roland

Panel, inputs and outputs

The Roland AeroCaster panel is pretty simple and does not have overly complicated buttons. Here is what you’ll find:

  • Four audio faders to adjust the volume of your microphones, line-in, and main volum
  • Dedicated microphone gain and compressor/limiter buttons.
  • Audio monitoring buttons
  • Four buttons to launch the background music, sound effects, or a user programmable button
  • Two Picture-in-Picture buttons, and two split-screen buttons
  • Four video selection buttons

As you can tell, the AeroCaster does not offer all the fancy features as much more expensive live streaming devices do – like keying, for example – but it gets the job done.

At the back of the unit, you’ll find two XLR audio inputs, a 3.5mm audio input, an RCA monitoring output, a 5V USB-C input for power, and another USB-C port that connects to your tablet.

Roland UVC-02 web presentation dock

Next is the Roland UVC-02 web presentation dock, which, as its name suggests, is designed for online meetings and video calls. The concept of this device is to upgrade the quality of your calls in three steps:

  • First, connect a camera to the Roland UVC-02 via HDMI
  • Next, plug an external microphone via XLR and a smartphone to the Aux input if you feel like playing some music during your meeting
  • Lastly, connect the UVC-02 to your computer via USB
Image credit: Roland

And voila, you’re all set! The UVC-02 will appear on your computer as a webcam that you can select as your video input.

Image credit: Roland

Also, the Roland UVC-02 acts as a mixer where you can adjust the volume of each audio source, monitor your audio output, and switch between your video camera and your computer screen.

In short, the UVC-02 is a highly portable and lightweight device that does not require external power and that will significantly and quickly improve your live meetings.

Image credit: Roland

CGM-30 gooseneck microphone

Along with the UVC-02, Roland introduced the CGM-30 gooseneck microphone, which connects directly to the web presentation dock.

This 300mm long condenser microphone features a super-cardioid polar pattern, it requires 48V phantom power (9-52 V DC), and it comes with a detachable windscreen.

Price and availability

All products will be available in March 2022. The Roland AeroCaster and the UVC-02 web presentation dock retails for $295.00 each, and the CGM-30 gooseneck microphone is $68.00.

For more information, please visit Roland’s website here.

What do you think about these new Roland live streaming products? Do you use an external camera or microphone to improve your live meetings? Or do you use your computer’s built-in webcam and microphone? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!


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