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Robeytech praises ORIGIN PC’s quality and services.


January 13, 2022 | By Anthony

Gamer and tech focused streamer, Robeytech, paid a recent visit to ORIGIN PC. Once he arrived, we showed him exactly what makes ORIGIN PC so special. Robeytech had a lot of good stuff to say and you can even watch his video to find out more.

Did you know that we log every PC that we ship out? In other words, we keep your system in our own records, including previous issues and upgrades. This even includes a profile of your system the moment it finishes and ships out from the warehouse. Every ORIGIN PC is tested, benchmarked, and documented before being sent in our reliable Wooden Crate Armor. Just to be safe, of course.

One other feature Robeytech called out was our “Evolve” Upgrade Service. With technological advancements always just around the corner, finding the right timing to build a PC can feel suffocating. That’s why ORIGIN PC allows you to trade in your parts for an upgrade in return for their fair market value.

We even feature a line of Ready-To-Ship (RTS) systems, arguably some of the best prebuilt desktops out there. For those looking for an premium purchase without the wait, our RTS systems include much faster shipping times. Check out all of our systems at and find out why we have the best gaming PCs on the market.


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