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Project Cambria: release date, price, specs & features of the Oculus Quest Pro

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have seen the latest news that Facebook has rebranded itself to Meta, whois now expanding their VR business into a premium headset with Project Cambria, also known as an Oculus Quest Pro unofficially. The investment into VR by Meta is a clear play into a mixture of combining two of their existing businesses, Facebook; the social network, and Oculus, their VR business which they acquired in 2014. However, seven years on since the acquisition in 2021, the entire business has been folded in and rebranded as Meta. This means that moving forward there will be no more products named Oculus, or using the Oculus logo, it’s just going to be Meta from here on out.

The Metaverse is a concept that combines digital worlds, people, and places altogether, meaning that’s right now it’s a pretty wishy-washy buzzword that is still pretty up in the air. If you’ve seen the movie Ready Player One, then you probably know what a Metaverse might actually entail. Regardless, Meta believes that a Metaverse is going to be the way forward for the future, and VR is going to be an enormous part of that, too. Enter Project Cambria.

Project Cambria was announced at Facebook Connect 2021, where we saw some initial details start to come out about Meta’s newest headset. But, doesn’t Meta already have an incredibly popular headset in the form of the Quest 2 and upcoming Quest 3? Well, yeah, but they are not packed with the incredibly high-end features that we’re expecting to see from this particular headset, which is also poised to be a standalone offering, unlike the ones from Valve.

Meta’s Project Cambria is a high-powered standalone VR headset that’s often unofficially referred to as the Oculus Quest Pro. Meta is looking to expand on its existing lineup of all-in-one VR headsets, as it’s had proven success in doing so with the Quest line of VR headsets. Now, Project Cambria looks to expand further, with better specs to bring users a desktop VR-like experience to a standalone headset, which would be a huge undertaking in itself as PC VR is where you’re going to find truly high-end visuals and experiences, since it’s being powered by a discrete system, instead of a smaller SoC chip. If you have a cursory glance at the Quest 2’s SoC and cooling in this teardown by iFixit, you can see how rudimentary the silicon actually is, since it’s a mobile Snapdragon XR2 chip. Now, the XR2 is several generations old, meaning that there could be room to pump more power into a mobile SoC for a truly high-end experience. So, we know that Project Cambria will be extremely high-end, have a powerful SoC, and is itself almost like an upgraded version of the Quest 2.

However, this product will not be targeted to the mass market as the Quest line has been in the past, but instead focussed on a more hardcore user, which means that it’s likely to be significantly pricier than the wallet-friendly Quest line. Meta has stated that the Cambria is not a follow-up to the Quest line, nor does it sit in the same category. Therefore, in our current line of thinking, the Project Cambria isn’t going to be sitting in the Quest line of products, meaning that we’re unlikely to see it being branded under the ‘Quest‘ name. Instead, maybe Meta will really drive it home by naming the higher-end line something like the Meta ‘Verse’. Meta, if you’re reading this, you can have that one for free, yeah?

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It is easy to think of the Quest as an entry-level line, like an Apple iPad, whereas Project Cambria will be using as much cutting-edge gear that you can shake a stick at, meaning that it’ll instead be positioned as something more like an iPad Pro by comparison. The same overall product category, but a very different focus and target market.

Right now, Meta’s Project Cambria headset often referred to as an Oculus Rift Pro will be released at some time in 2022. With no further information about the headset released by the company, that’s all we’ve got to go in in terms of the release timing. However, it could be likey that Meta is going to proposition this in September at their annual Connects event, and ready for the Holiday Season. With that said, it could also slide into 2023 if we’re unlucky, luckily, the company seems pretty adamant that it is coming in 2022.

Industry analyst Brad Lynch has alluded to the Cambria release in Q2 2022, which would pip it far earlier in the year than expected.