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Pokemon Legends: Arceus Dialga and Palkia Boss Guide


You’re in the home stretch now, with just these two standing in between you and the end game credits. Of course, there’s still more to be done and you’re not getting out of this so easily, but you’ll want to stock up on Ultra Balls and get ready to pick a fight with time and space itself. 

pkmnla dp boss 2

Now, the game will not limit you to one, as you’ll be encountering both in quick succession. Of course, there’s a portion of the game you need to deal with between boss fights, as you’ll be creating the Origin Ball, an item you’ll have to use at the end of the boss fights. 

This is part of our ongoing Pokemon Legends: Arceus guide series, with everything to do with the game and more – including Pokemon Go – all living in our dedicated hubs for the games

Depending on which you prefer, when asked to go hunting for the pieces in the Trials of the Lakes, choose Irida for Palkia and Adaman for Dialga. This will dictate who you face-first and who you’ll hopefully have in your party come the final boss. 

pkmnla dp boss 3

Palkia is a dragon and water type, while Dialga is steel and dragon. There are no real differences between this and their Diamond and Pearl forms, so just do battle as you usually would. 

After collecting the Origin Ball from the professor, you’ll head back to the mountain top and be plunged into a battle with the other Pokémon you didn’t originally choose. This fight is the same both ways, just with different types to deal with. 

pkmnla dp boss 1

Avoid the shockwaves with a dodge roll and then ensure you’re constantly pelting the dragons with balms as you circle strafe around. Any opening, take it. 

Once you deplete the health bar, you’ll see a cutscene in which you throw the Origin Ball and catch the Pokémon. 

pkmnla dp boss 4

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