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Online Extras from FWW Issue #297

Online extras from FWW issue #297

hand tools

Project Guide: Hand tools

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this guide will help you improve your handtool skills while you enjoy the satisfying relationship between tool and wood.

apartment veneering

Blog: Apartment veneering

In her new blog series, Chelsea Van Voorhis shows how simple, accessible, and most importantly, how fun working with veneer can be.

stain and dye for wood

Video Workshop: Staining and dying wood

With a seemingly endless array of wood stains and dyes on the market, it’s very easy to get confused and overwhelmed when adding color to your furniture. Mike Mascelli will help you understand the individual elements of stains and dyes AND demystify the process. In this video workshop, Mike demonstrates:

  • The differences between stains and dyes
  • How to add depth to a finish with glazes
  •  Perfecting the final color with spray toner
plate rack

Blog: Origin stories

Nancy Hiller shares the backstory of her plate-rack project, which dates to her first professional job as a woodworker in 1980.

routing template

Video: A template for your template (Coming Soon)

Bruce Eaton’s brilliant technique for creating a routing template can look tricky at first glance. It isn’t. Watch this video to see how simple it really is.

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