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New GDU Accessories for RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR Released

Global Dynamics United has just released a new set of accessories that are tailor-made for the RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR cameras. This new series includes top and side handle solutions, a Rosette EVF arm, and a whole rig for the V-RAPTOR.

While the market is overcrowded with accessories for the RED KOMODO, the V-RAPTOR is still relatively new in the game and third-party manufacturers are just getting started creating accessories for this camera.

Among these, Global Dynamics United, a company that mainly focuses on RED cameras, is famous for creating products that deliver functionality with a very distinctive look. Their new series of accessories for the KOMODO and V-RAPTOR is no exception. Let’s take a closer look.

GDU Atlas Handle. Source: Global Dynamics United

GDU accessories for KOMODO and V-RAPTOR: the Atlas Handle

Let’s start with the new GDU Atlas Handles that are compatible with both cameras. Their slim and ergonomic design seems to offer a solid grip. Each handle screws to the side of the camera via a branch connector.

GDU Atlas Handle. Source: Global Dynamics United

The RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR require different branch adapters. These are available for purchase separately, so you can quickly move the handles back and forth between the two different camera models without having to buy a second handle pair. By the way, if you don’t need both handles, you can still pick up only the right or left one.

The GDU Atlas Handles on the RED KOMODO. Source: Global Dynamics United

The handles are lightweight thanks to the 6061 aluminum construction. Moreover, GDU also kept an eye on style and you will be spoilt for choice when picking up the right color for your rig. In fact, the Atlas Handles come in five different anodized finishes: Red, Black, White, Gunmetal Grey, Champagne Gold.

GDU Atlas Handle color options. Source: Global Dynamics United

The Quantum products

The Quantum accessories are almost exclusively compatible with the RED V-RAPTOR only, with a couple of exceptions.

The GDU Quantum Rig for the V-RAPTOR includes a bottom plate, a right-angled and a flat cheese plate, a body pad, and two threaded rod mounts. The whole rig seems to wrap around the camera nicely, providing a very compact and flexible rigging solution.

GDU Quantum Rig for RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Global Dynamics United

The Quantum Side Handle mounts on the side of the V-RAPTOR’s body. It features a pretty simple design and provides several 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 mounting points to equip the camera with additional accessories.

GDU Quantum Side Handles on the RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Global Dynamics United

The GDU Quantum Top Handle is compatible with both cameras and provides several mounting points for accessories. However, while it looks like a smart solution for the V-RAPTOR, its position on the KOMODO seems a little odd to me.

In fact, the top handle is meant to be side-mounted on top of the V-RAPTOR. This design still leaves the front threaded holes of the camera unobstructed and free to host an on-camera monitor or other accessories. 

GDU Quantum Top Handle on the RED V-RAPTOR. Source: Global Dynamics United

On the other hand, it mounts transversely on top of the RED KOMODO. Even though it’s hard to find a top handle solution that doesn’t obstruct the top LCD of the camera in some way, I’m afraid this handle would cover the whole width of the screen when mounted backwards. But this needs some testing in the field.

GDU Quantum Top Handle on the RED KOMODO. Source: Global Dynamics United

Finally, two other products report the Quantum label: a Side Rosette for the V-RAPTOR and a dual Rosette EVF arm.

GDU Quantum Side Rosette for V-RAPTOR and Rosette EVF arm. Source: Global Dynamics United

Price and availability

These new accessories for the RED KOMODO and V-RAPTOR are now available for purchase from the Global Dynamics United website. Although all of these parts seem to be very well built, they aren’t exactly cheap.

Indeed, pricing starts at around $129 for the Quantum Side Handle and goes up to $579 for a pair of Atlas Handles.

What do you think of the design of these new KOMODO and V-RAPTOR accessories from GDU? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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