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NBA 2K22 patch notes remove players’ Level 40+ stars


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The first NBA 2K22 patch of 2022 is here as of January 10th. However, the official patch notes have not yet been released by Take-Two. We’ll update you as soon as they’re available. There have been reports on Twitter, though, that the new patch has removed player’s stars in error, so hopefully we’ll also hear something about getting this fixed in the next few hours as well.

NBA 2K22 patch removing stars

Stars are given out to players in NBA 2K22 seasons once they have reached Level 40, with a maximum of four stars being given out as players continue to progress past the Level cap. However, some players on Twitter have reported that their stars have been removed with the latest NBA 2K22 patch. As this appears to be an error, we’ll likely see a patch for this before the start of Season 4.

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NBA 2K22 patch notes January today — January 10th, 2022

As mentioned, there are no official patch notes for this latest update yet, and so far it has only been reported as having been rolled out to current-gen consoles. There has been some speculation that NBA 2K22 Season 4 will be released around January 14th, 2022, so an update of this size may be implementing some changes ready for the new Season release.

As this could be a hint regarding the imminent release of NBA 2K22 Season 4, it may be worth getting some playtime in to make sure you’ve done everything you want to get done, and make sure you hit Level 40, in Season 3. Just be careful with those Stars, we’re not sure yet if earning stars is still working correctly since the patch.

Comprehensive NBA 2K22 patch notes are usually released to the official NBA 2K site a few hours after roll out of the update, so we’ll keep an eye on the site, and reveal more details as soon as they are available.

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NBA 2K22 patch January 10th – Update size

The update for Xbox One is reportedly 38.57GB, whilst the update for PlayStation users is slightly less at 23.152GB. Still are both fairly large download sizes for a mid-season patch, so it wouldn’t be surprising to find quite a few changes when the patch notes are released, as well as some preparations for the upcoming Season 4.


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