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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 8 takes you to Spain & Portugal for free

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Let’s face it, anybody who has dabbled in the wondrous world of Microsoft Flight Simulator has quite probably started off somewhere they know – maybe flying over their home city and seeing if they can spot the pixelated version of their own house far below. The next thing you have probably done is fly to somewhere far off that you have been in real life, maybe on vacation, and that’s why World Update 8 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is going to appeal to a lot of virtual pilots out there.

What areas does World Update 8 cover?


For World Update 8 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, devs Asobo have chosen to cover Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra – so if you fancy some sightseeing around the Iberian Peninsula taking in some of the fantastic views on offer, then this update is definitely for you.

Not only is this area of coastline now available in amazing detail, cities such as Lisbon and Madrid have also been brought to life in the latest of these huge updates for the sim.

With completely overhauled elevation data and aerial imagery, it looks nothing short of stunning. There are also 99 new Points of Interest included and four new handcrafted airports and new discovery flights. To top it off there are five new landing challenges to test your skills to the limit.

Is World Update VIII free?

It is indeed. All of the World and Sim updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 are free. The only official paid DLC so far has been the Reno Air Races. Of course, many third-party companies offer scenery and aircraft as paid addons for the sim.

How to get World Update 8 in Microsoft Flight Sim


This is the easy bit, simply boot up Microsoft Flight Simulator on your PC or Xbox and update the sim if requested. Once that is complete head into the Marketplace and you will see the new World Update front and center and can download it for free from there, along with any other of the World Updates you may have missed out on so far.

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