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Lost Ark Tarsila Location, Loot & Tactics

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Hello, adventurers, fancy taking on a giant chilly spider in Shushire? Well, you’re in luck, this frosty arachnid comes alive at certain event spawn times. You can kick this wannabe Ahn’Kahet spider straight back to Northrend, all in the name of getting some tasty loot from Lost Ark’s Tarsila boss when she is around. In this guide, expect to find the Tarsila location, loot table, and the tactics you need to know so you can avoid wasting those juicy Phoneix Plumes.

Lost Ark Tarsila location and spawn time

Lost Ark Tarsila location
The Yellow mark marks the spot of Tarsila’s spawn location.

Like all other Lost Ark end game community events, Tarsila is on a spawn timer. Tarsila’s spawn time entirely depends on the scheduling on the day-to-day on your server region. She may spawn at 2 am server time, or become active at 9 pm server time ready for peak hours gamers. 

The best way to check when Tarsila is up is to open the calendar in the top left of the UI, presuming you are level 50 anyway. Then you can click on a day more appropriate for you, head over to the Field Boss tab and press the drop-down menu. There you can see when the boss spawns on that day. Alternatively, if you know where the Lost Ark Tarsila location is already, you can visit the area and see a countdown on exactly where she spawns. 

For those curious, you can find the exact Lost Ark Tarsila location in the image above, marked by the orange pin. Note she spawns in the Spider Queen’s Lair, which is in the Lake Eternity region of Shushire. Also, when she spawns, you need 380 ilvl, otherwise non of your attacks register. It means you cannot get loot as you technically have no-kill credit.

Lost Ark Tarsila Loot

Lost Ark World boss bid
You may need to bid on some loot.

You’re going to want to kill Tarsilla, for chances are grabbing yourself some extra T1 gear. While Abyssal Dungeons drops your tier set, you’re going to need to farm a variety of end game content to get your jewellery pieces. T1 World Bosses like Tarsilla, the Chaotic Chuo, and Signatus are good sources of gear. 

You can also get honing pieces of gear to help your progression, along with engraving books that will help make your character stronger by providing additional passives. Oh, Tarsila also drops a Giant’s Heart, a sideways progression system that grants extra benefits kile added skill points, permanent stat increases, and more.

Item name Stats and description Random Engravings and combat bonuses
Tarsilla Giant Heart (4th) A Giant’s Heart, one of the collectables in the game.
Forbidden Elemental Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality. One combat and two engraving effects.
Forbidden Elemental Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality. One combat enchants and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality One combat and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Necklace 351 primary stat (your class), 243 Vitality Two random combat and engraving bonuses.
Forbidden Magick Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality. One combat enchants and two engravings.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare) Obtain a rare battle engraving.
Battle Engraving Recipe (uncommon) Obtain an uncommon battle engraving
Bleed Adds a bleed effect to your skill – has a chance to inflict bleed on the enemy for four seconds.
Destruction Stone Fragment A fragment players use to upgrade for honing armor.
Epic Ability Stone Obtain an epic ability stone that matches your character’s item level.
Guardian Stone Fragment Honing armor fragment.
Star’s Breath Increase the Honing success chance on T1 gear.
Tarsila Rare collectable card.
XP Card Obtain a Legendary XP card that you can send to any character on your server’s roster.

Lost Ark Tarsila Tactics

Now onto actually defeating this boss. There is nothing too tricky about Tarsila, other than the fact she has a few directional, AOE and the usual don’t stand in the bad stuff mechanics. Below is a list of the Tarsila tactics you need to be aware of.

  1. Strikes directly in front of her with her claws. Her animation postures backwards a bit, so try to avoid being at the front of her when this happens.
  2. She slams her body into the ground.  A red circle appears under her model, giving players the chance to escape the crushing blow.
  3. She charges in the direction of a random player. Avoid her charge direction with the usual charge mechanic indicators.
  4. Tarsila moves backwards and charges an attack. She then advances forward and slams her claws into the ground, sending a dark projectile forward. Avoid standing in front of her or facing her when she does this as the projectile hits very hard and is very fast-moving.
  5. Falling Rocks – Rocks fall from the cave roof of the Spider Queen’s Lair. Avoid the red circles throughout the cave to avoid unnecessary boulders landing on your head.
  6. Pounce – She chooses an area to pounce at, so don’t stand in the large red circle. Otherwise, she will pounce on you and likely kill you.
  7. Cone breath – She fires icy breath in a cone at a distant player. The ability ticks several times and freezes players caught in ice. Dodge it the first time otherwise you’ll likely die unless some hero Paladin, Bard, or Gunlancer heal or shield you.
  8. Icy fog – At lower HP Tarsila can leave behind patches of icy fog that temporarily freeze players and deal moderate damage each second. These typically spawn during her charge and pounce skills.

This is the summary of everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Tarsila boss. Why not check out our Lost Ark Hub for more content if you found this Lost Ark Tarsila guide helpful?

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