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Lost Ark Soulfist Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings

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Do you fancy playing yourself a Martial artist in Lost Ark, except one that can go super Saiyan? Well, then, mee the Lost Ark Soulfist, a character that uses mystical energy combined with her martial prowess to defeat her enemies. If you fancy taking a look in a beginner-friendly Lost Ark Soulfist guide, then you have come to the right place.

Here we will teach you all the basics of the Soulfist, going over the type of skills, builds and more you can expect. Please note, this is looking at the current end game over in Russia and Korea, which is where we are pulling these ideas from., It is so you, the player, can get an idea of what to expect at the end tame, and decide fo you want to invest your time into levelling and building this character. 

Lost Ark Soulfist build

Lost Ark Soulfist Build
Are you ready for the Hype?

The core of the Lost Ark Soulfist guide will look at one particular Soulfist build, the hype build. Most players in the end game tend to run this build, with only a few in the top 100 players opting for the second. Therefore, we are only going to take a look at this build. If you’re interested in seeing what the second build is like, we recommend heading over to the Korean rankings, which we have linked to, and checking it out for yourself. Note, the Korean to English translations via google chrome are not great, so take the info with a pinch of salt.

Okay, so what is the most common end game build you will likely run? The answer to that is the Robust Spirit Build. This build looks at the Robust Class Engraving, which speeds up the Hype build-up of the class. It means you can get to the big damage window sooner, not to mention it is deadlier too. However, the build means that there is a clear big damage burst window, and then you have quite slow and weaker off burst phase. If you’re familiar with a Destruction Warlock in retail WoW, or a Summoner in FFXIV, then you will know that pain.

Lost Ark Soulfist Identity Skill

It is also worth mentioning the identity skill of the Lost Ark Soulfist. Every class in Lost Ark has an identity gauge, which means a class-specific mechanic that only it has. In this case, the Souldfist build uses a hype meter. When you run out of energy, you can instantly regenerate it to spend your energy on your skills. Moreso, the hype meters grant you damage and speed buff to do even more damage.

Before hitting end game, you will have several hype meters, three to be precise. When you use up your third hype meter, your hype meter goes on cooldown and resets itself to level 0. When you get to end game and sue the most common Lost Ark Soulfist build, you get to third tone instantly, and then go on cooldown. 

On the other hand, the other build always has you at level 1, and your damage is increased when you are below 30% energy. It means that build has you spending your big damage skills at the end of your hype energy before you transition to a new one. This Lost Ark Soulfist build is much clunkier, hence the reason why the first one is more popular.

Lost Ark Soulfist Skills and Tripods

Lost Ark Soulfist Guide
Channel that chi energy using these Lost Ark Soulfist skills.
Skill What it does Tripod 1 Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Lightning Palm An attack that knocks enemies in the air. Weak Pont Wide Merciless Hands
Heavenly Squash Strike your palm at the target location, dealing bonus to damage to enemies on the floor or currently airborne. Hard Hitter Harsh Training Exquisite Attack
Shadowbreaker Slam your palms on the ground, the first strike makes enemies in the air fall back down for 50% bonus damage. Efficient Striker Weak Point 6th Sense
Force Orb Sends out a ball of energy that knocks enemies down. Quick Prep Growing Wave Preference
Merciless Pummel Move a few meters in a direction and deliver a punch followed by a kick and another punch. You can change the direction of these attacks during the animation of each action. Hard Hitter Cold-hearted Contagious Burn – adds a fire spread mechanic for added AOE and DoT damage.
Flash Step Move quickly to the desired location and deal damage to foes you pass through. Any enemies in the air caught in your path are launched back, you can recast this skill an additional two more times. Instant Preparation Smooth Armor Dynamic Dimension
Pulverising Palm Dash 4 meters and damage those in your way. After dashing strike with your palms and deal additional damage. The last palm strike deals 100% damage to airborne foes. Excellent Mobility Fighting Spirit Enhancement – 6% damage buff to the party. On the targets hit.

The basic premise of this build is to find ways to make enemies airborne and then do bonus damage to airborne foes. The most common combo you will use is an airborne making ability of your preference, followed by Pulverizing palm, and then Shadowbreaker to bring them crashing to the ground. Don’t forget to use all your damage skills during the hype phase, as that is guaranteed to do lots of damage.

The other thing you should know is that this Lost Ark Soulfist build is the focus largely on damage tripods. You don’t really need cooldown reduction thanks to the limited energy window in your hype mode. You should only decide whether you want more damage or add some extra mobility or wide attacks to compensate for poor AOE or lack of mobility. 

We have also only included seven skills in the above example, leaving room for you to find eight skills that might fit that AOE or mobility void you may find yourself in.

Lost Ark Soulfise Awakening Skills

Okay, every single Lost Ark class in the game has two Awakening skills. The Soulfist is no exception, except there may as well only be one. And that is down to your wannabee SUPER Saiyan nuke, Wold Decimation. 

The World Decimator makes you jump into the air and channel energy into your hands for three seconds. Eventually, you will dunk a giant white ball onto the floor, leaving behind an energy blast that rivals the US military. The damage in this window is absolutely bonkers, considering it is the ultimate risk and reward skill shot. Have fun with the numbers, but, it requires great planning and a bit of luck your target doesn’t walk out of the blast zone. 

As you can probably tell, this Soulfist awakening skill is great when you’re in the hype zone. However, missing it is a very sad experience. If you want more consistency, try the other Awakening skill, the Anhillating Ray, which is a powerful beam you channel.

Lost Ark Soulfist Engravings

 Since this class is all about damage and performing big damage, anything that helps bolster that helps. This means you want all the crit related engravings. For example, the Precise Dagger and Keen Blunt Weapon. The dagger engraving increases crit chance and crit damage, while the Blunt weapon increases overall crit damage at the cost of sometimes lowered damage attacks. This is not a problem, as you get that much bonus damage that a slightly weaker hit is hardly noticeable, and the bonus crit and the damage scaling scales with you hype damage buff.

In addition, you want the usual damage engravings, like Grudge, Adrenaline and Cursed Doll. These make it harder to heal, and you take increased damage too. So be wanted with these. You do have a solid movement speed increase skill and a separate dedicated dash skill, so avoiding getting hit is no issue.

If you are still learning content or you’re doing solo content, you may want Heavy Armor. This engraving increases your character’s defense stat, meaning you take less damage. This should help new players learn new fights or prevent death in the open world or during Chaos Dungeons.

Lost Ark Soulfist Skill Runes

If you needed more proof about how damage crazy thesis class is, well, the skill gems for this class match the antics. You want damage; lots of damage. This class needs damage and more damage on every single skill you use. Oh, and your utility skill should have cooldown reduction and perhaps a negative debuff remover on it. You should always have a skill that can save your life and one that is often more times in case you are cutting it close to the wire.

With that said, this concludes our Lost Ark Soulfist guide. We hope you enjoyed this guide. We have a guide on the Striker, one of the other Martial Artist DPS classes if you’re interested. Moreso, why not check out our Lost Ark hub, which is brimming with guides on classes and other Lost Ark features?

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