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Lost Ark Signatus: Location, Loot & Tactics

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Are you level 50 and in T1 content? If you are, then chances are you’re looking into the T1 World Bosses. T1 World bosses are an important part of your end game activities, as they provide additional sources of grabbing honing equipment. One of these is Lost Ark’s Signatus, a mean old robot you’re going to want to beat up. Here is everything you need to know about the world boss, including spawn time and location, loot, and Singatus’ tactics.

Lost Ark Signatus Location and spawn time

Lost Ark calendar
Always check the calendar for when you need to fight some end game event content

First up, you need to know that Signatus is an event spawn boss. The Lost Ark Singiuts is one of three T1 World Bosses on a timer, which spawn every day. However, the timings of the spawns vary. We recommend checking the calendar in the top left of the UI, click on a date appropriate to the time you’re reading this article and select the field boss tab. You will see several timings for each of the world bosses. Some might be at stupid o’clock like 2 am server time, while some may be in the afternoon, or even peak time; it all depends.

It is also worth mentioning that this menu in the calendar also has a location button pinging the exact Lost Ark Signatus location. Signatus is located in a rectangular(ish) shaped part of the map southeast of Soldier Ant Nest Triport, Scraplands, Arthertine. If you’re actually in the area, you can check Singitus’ spawn timer via a countdown to the next time this Optimus Prime wannabee respawns. We have also provided an image of Lost Ark’s Singitus’ location above for convenience.

Lost Ark Signatus’ Loot and required item level

Lost Ark World boss bid
Sometimes you have to bid against players for WB loot.

Since Signatus is a T1 world boss, Smilegate RPG actively recommends a 380 ilvl to fight the boss. If you don’t have the item level, you are locked from damaging the boss and therefore, get no rewards.

You can get some decent rewards for beating the boss with that mentioned. It is worth mentioning that all T1 world bosses have the same loot table. If you need extra honing gear or need to grab epic quality T1 jewellery, engravings card, and more, it is advisable to take on these bosses. Once you’ve read that, below, you will find the Signatus tactics you need to take on the boss with success.

Item name Stats and description Random Engravings and combat bonuses
Forbidden Elemental Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality. One combat and two engraving effects.
Forbidden Elemental Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality. One combat enchants and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Earrings 273 primary stat and 174 Vitality One combat and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Necklace 351 primary stat (your class), 243 Vitality Two random combat and engraving bonuses.
Forbidden Magick Ring 253 primary stat and 139 Vitality. One combat enchants and two engravings.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare) Obtain a rare battle engraving.
Battle Engraving Recipe (uncommon) Obtain an uncommon battle engraving
Bleed Adds a bleed effect to your skill – has a chance to inflict bleed on the enemy for four seconds.
Chaotic Chuo Rare collectable card.
Destruction Stone Fragment A fragment players use to upgrade for honing armor.
Epic Ability Stone Obtain an epic ability stone that matches your character’s item level.
Guardian Stone Fragment Honing armor fragment.
Star’s Breath Increase the Honing success chance on T1 gear.
XP Card Obtain a Legendary XP card that you can send to any character on your server’s roster.

Signatus Tactics

Okay, onto the final part of Signatus, its skills. If you’re going to beat this boss, there are a few skills you need to be wary. The best advice throughout all of this is to not stand in front of the boss at any point as near enough every skill is cast in front of Signatus. Below are the details on its skills.

  1. It has a 180 rotate, starting from the boss’ right, which eventually arcs 180 degrees to its left. He spews fire out of his arm, so watch out for frontal attack users, aka Gunlancers. Ideally out range it or stand behind the boss during this attack.
  2. An electrical field forces all pl;ayers into a close circle around the boss. Stand inside the unaffected area around before the electrical cap goes off. This is an anti ranged mechanic.
  3. Signatus will turn to a random player after the electric field and hail rockets from its missile silos on its shoulders, run to the opposing side of the boss to avoid it, especially if you are clumped up after the electric storm.
  4. Boss faces another direction and uses it’s primary guns to attack all foes in front of the boss. Stand behind Signatus to avoid it.
  5. The boss does a 360 spin firing a lazer that rotates around. The area is highlighted in a red hazard zone so ranged can easily dodge it. We recommend running into the boss with the melee to avoid and still be in range to do damage. There are two variations of this, one lazer and spins slower and two lazers that spin faster.
  6. The boss selects a few players at random to become the target of a lightning strike. If you see a blue circle under your character move out of it. They turn into orbs and fixate a player each. Kite the orbs away from the party if you’re fixated while avoiding other Signatus mechanics.
  7. The boss throws pools of oil around the room and then ignites them. Don’t stand on the black pools to avoid burning to death.
  8. Fires a second version of missile barrage that targets where players stand rather than those directly in front and under the boss’s face.
  9. Another 180 skill that fires a buckshot three times as it paths around. Stand behind the boss to avoid. Another variation of this is where he spins around and uses the machine guns instead.
  10. A charge attack, indicated by the red moving beam that moves away from the boss.

This concludes our Lost Ark Singatus guide. We hope the Signatus tactics help you so you don’t burn through your Phoenix plumes and the rewards are satisfying. If you enjoyed this guide, feel free to check out our Lost Ark hub for more in-depth content on the game.

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